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boomsticky 07-05-2009 08:09 PM

Nation Dungeon Ghost Ship Guide
Source: Ghost Ship - My Atlantica Online Forums

Now, this guide that I've found is a few months old, so I'm not sure if this is still current with the recent patch. But anyway, hope this can help others and feel free to comment or improve upon it...


Originally Posted by "Glantri from MyAO
Ghost Ship FAQ/Guide

General Facts
• Use a power potion, it’s a timed event and they save time (especially applies to times where we are going after Davy/completion)
• Use atk+ and def+ titles if you have them. (you can activate these during battles if you forgot or they run out)
• Have your formation ready, you can only use 7 mercs so disable two.
• Have an established leader in the group and stick close to him/her
• Do not sit at entrance to next floor unless you meet one or both of the following:
o You have run around the entire area and checked all mobs are engaged
o You are a gate group and absolutely need to be in the area first

General Facts drawn straight from in game help file
1. The monster generator will produce monsters regularly. Monsters will form groups and attack.
2. Guard Tower’s attack power will vary depending on the number of monsters around.
3. Monster Generator’s attack power will vary depending on the number of Guard Towers around.
4. Final Boss Monster’s attack power will vary depending on the number of monsters around.
5. In the dungeon, there is a level where there are no monster generators. If you clear this area, you can obtain a book of helpful magic.
First Floor (Octopi/Ghost Town)
 1 Gate
 2 Towers
 4 Sub bosses (confirmation needed)
• Different groups needed:
o Gate group (preferably 3((2 tower, 1 gate)))
o Trash/miniboss group (any number really, at least 2)
o Defenders group (This group can be 2 people, as they potentially join gates fight anyway)
• Gate group
o Go immediately to Ghost Town.
o Go across the bridge, and towards the gate, engaging it immediately.
o If there are 2 or 3 gate groups, the extra one or two engage the towers immediately.
o Upon both towers being felled, Gate group acts as trash/miniboss group with one exception, when the mob are almost all gone, get inside the next area positioned to immediately strike the next levels gate.
o When a Gate or Tower falls, the leader of the group should announce on nation chat that it has fallen. Also if a Gate group dies, it should be announced so another gate group can quickly jump in to take the place temporarily.
• Trash/miniboss group
o At least one group must be working on the octopus area, this area must fall first for a good time (if it doesn’t, the damp cabin activates and starts spawning before you’re actually in it)
o One group goes the same path as Gate group goes, and engages monsters in front of gate so gate group can get through.
o After gate is down, the trash group that cleared this path should port back to entrance and start on octopi.
• Defenders group
o Run immediately to Ghost town and stay near our Gate.
o Do not stray far from this gate.
o If a monster approaches the gate retroactively engage it.
o If a monster manages to engage the gate, join the gates fight, and heal it at the end of combat as much as possible.

Damp Cabin
 4 Gates
 8 Towers
 2 Sub bosses (thanks to Ziv for confirming this)
• Different Groups needed:
o 4 Gate groups
o 0 trash groups (they help, but if done right aren’t strictly needed)
o 1 Defender group (two might help to keep a perimeter away from the
• Gate Groups
o Immediately engage the gates, all four should be engaged right away.
o If there are extra groups strong enough, they should go after the towers right away.
o After Gates fall the gate groups then should go after towers, then the boss mobs then clear trash.
• Trash groups
o If a gate group fails to engage gate fast enough, clear a hole for them.
o If strong enough, take on a tower.
o Otherwise keep perimeter around friendly gate with defender group.
• Defender Group
o Stay close to gate, preemptively attacking an approaching mob is good, but don’t leave the gate unattended so you can hunt mobs.

Cabin of Endless Dawn
 1 Gate
 4 Towers
• Different groups needed:
o 4 Gate groups (3 only need to be able to take down a tower fast)
o 0 Trash groups (always good, speeds things up, but trash groups aren’t precisely needed on this level)
o 1 Defender Group
• Gate Groups
o Engage all 4 towers immediately
o A strong 5th group could engage gate right away to save some time.
o First group done with their tower should immediately engage Gate
o Start cleaning up rest of mobs after Gate/towers are down
• Trash groups
o Before Gate/Towers are down:
 Fight mobs closest to the gate, make getting at it easier for Gate groups
o After Gate/Towers are down:
 Just clear mobs as fast as possible
• Defender Group
o Stay close, preemptive attacks are fine to form a perimeter, but stay close.

Davy Jones’ Locker
 Davy
 2 sub bosses
 2 Gates
 4 Towers
• Different groups needed:
o 3 Gate groups
o 0 Trash Groups (3 or more highly preferred)
o 1 Defender group
• Gate Groups
o One group rushes straight to Davy, while the other two go to the right and left rooms to engage Gate’s
o After the Gate teams are done with their gate, they should engage their towers.
o After Davy, 2 Gates, 4 Towers are down, revert to cleaning up.
• Trash groups
o One group goes with each gate group, assisting in keeping the monster population down in the area (keeps boss and towers weaker)
o Gates/towers/Davy are down, start cleaning up all the mobs, almost done
• Defender group
o Fight any mobs approaching gate, stay close to gate in case it gets attacked.

And here's another guide:

Viewing a thread - [Guide] Organizing a succesful Ghost Ship run.

Frosty 07-05-2009 11:56 PM

They give pretty good basic info for GS. There is alot more to it tho.

They are prolly too pro recommending gate before towers or to tag gate before towers are down. Im not sure but I think they changed the gate's normal atk to row atk instead of normal aoe atk so its possible to down gate before towers.

boomsticky 07-13-2009 02:19 AM

I made a quick wiki of GS for later improvements and what-not. Feel free to mess around with it, or provide info/guide/suggestion here. I'm thinking about taking the images and add a map key or something to better illustrate what to do. Of course, I would need some help cause I have no experience in GS XD.

Atlantica Online:Ghost Ship of the Caribbean - Wiki

boomsticky 07-19-2009 03:08 PM

Oh lookie, I found another guide XD

*Referred by Neverland*
Viewing a thread - [Guide] Organizing a succesful Ghost Ship run.

Shirakani 07-19-2009 05:55 PM

That guide is really good, short and to the point too and pretty much sums it ALL up. The only thing that makes an ND different from a GD is the whole DoTA lets-play-gate-defense game, and the fact that every mob, when tagged, spawns two 'fake' reinforcement mobs.

On the subject of reinforcement fakes. A lot of ppl seem to have trouble with understanding the latter though; that when you tag a mob, regardless of it being 'real' or 'fake', it will ALWAYS spawn two reinforcements that lock on and agro you. It gets really annoying when in an extremely small crowded room as when the reinforcement mobs spawn, it's possible for them to agro someone NEAR you that's out of battle... This causes them to spawn TWO MORE EACH and... yeah. It's possible to wind up with a higher mob counter than what you started with. With Ghost Ship, the way to tell a real from a fake is if you inspect the mob (patrol lic needed), real mobs have Mimics, reinforcement fakes don't.

Otherwise though, that's the ONLY real difference between ND and GD.

Kanox 08-08-2009 09:12 PM

My nations gs
Your guild seems pretty good in genral so wont need to go into it much just wanted to let you know how as the organizer of our gs runs the teams we have. Taking only about 20 ppl with us

Tower attack:
We have 3 ppl on taking down/killing towers. 3 ppl all soloing now you might think yer for good high lvl ppl thats ok but at lvl 120, 111, 112. they do a very good job at it.

this consists of 2 teams a single solo guy to actualy defend the tower/watch for mobs. while he fights off mobs coming to our tower/cookie so does the other team of 2 people (quicker and easier faster killing to clear the cookie. but a point you might wan tto add is the single person IF the cookie does get engaged would be to go into the fight kill everyhting but 2 mobs. although weak and pretty much defenceless the tower does attack and can be healed by cookie defence's shamman/oracle/monk. and stalling this out will ensure you will only get in like one fight per lvl of the map. although a boring job in genral is massivly important to the overall complesion of the dungon. So a high lvl guy that dont mind doing much in the ND but for the benifit of the others in the nation (can swap and change every dungon) while the other 2 guys are fighting off mobs around the cookie and ready to help if need be.

So with then 6 main people fighting away that leave 14 left all these are trash groups groups of 2 ppl each to just genraly clear octo and other mobs in all lvls.

Carrying this on through out the whole dungon ppl know what they doing no changing about ect it should good smooth and in good time.

Points to make:
DJ fight on last floor the 2 defence guys clearing cookie run right through to take on DJ joined by one of the tower teams. (as there is 3 rooms Dj's room and towers each side. a fast done lvl and not to hard this is the final stage of the gs. (make sure they party up so no shadow looting as this can ruin the drop from DJ)

Make sure to announce a few times no one under lvl 95/500K might should even attempt to enter this dungon. one lvl 35 goes in fights a mob does nothing and dies. this leaves 3 mobs then they need to be killsed so 3 mobs turns into 9. being egar as low lvls are to help they might come into dungon again so all in all in 5 mins they have made one easy to kill mob into 18 comsuming alot of time in genral.

and last have one person calling the shots. dont have ppl just coming in joining groups ect take names down and say basicly if your names not down well you wont get a reward and YOU make the parties not them. yer everyone would love to go on trash mobs get exp/gold and loot but if this happens all in all you will fail. i think i got basicly most things :P (dont hold me to that ill re read some other time and make adjustments it is 5AM so yer)

P.S sorry for bad spelling although english not one of my strong points but it is readable right?? correct it if you really want :D

but a good number to have is about 20 people thats 12 boxes each not to bad really considering this is not an amazingly hard dungon. with a few boxes left over incase ppl joined or to add on next time.

but like i said all in all good guild. but it is sometimes what ever works for the nation/group of ppl doing it. Kanox

Frosty 08-08-2009 11:10 PM


anyways its too risky to solo for towers unless you have good gear and can solo gate with 2 tower still up otherwise it might take too long. 2 good tower team and 1 good def team is bare minimum and its best to party for towers atleast party of 2.

Levin 09-18-2009 06:09 PM

I think this guide is better since it has a little mini map with the gate spots :) Viewing a thread - [Guide] Organizing a succesful Ghost Ship run.

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