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Sakurah 08-14-2012 03:19 AM

TO Loading Screens: An Artist's Proposal
So the awesome Parudy made a mini-walkthrough on how to change your loading screens in eTO. Purely cosmetic and may have to be redone every time you start up TO, but a little change never hurt anyone and the instructions seem simple enough. The link to the guide is here.

"Okay, we get that, Kani, so what're you getting at?"

What I'm getting at is that any and all artists from Astro Blitz can post their contributions here for anyone that'd like to Astro-fy their TO experience. ;D The more diverse the collection, the better.

A few things I should note to you guys:

* It appears that it will only cycle six images (you should know what they look like) and maybe additional ones during events such as Anniversaries).
* I would not know about custom resolutions (any insight to this will be appreciated)
* If your TO folder is under SG Interactive, the path is basically the same thing.
* For more variety, I recommend making 1024x768 and 800x600 versions.

I'll probably set aside some time to draw up some stuff and I'll update this thread regularly with contributions. HAVE FUN!

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