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Default SotW #39

Signature of the Week!

Hello, and welcome to's thirty-ninth Signature of the Week competition. All entries must follow the simple guidelines set forth in MyMMOgames Signature Guidelines. The signature guidelines are located at this page:

MyMMOGames - Site Rules

SotW Specific Rules:

No signature is to have your username on it. Signatures that are deemed completely innappropriate will not be placed as an option in the poll. If they are exceptionally offensive, measures may be taken.

MMOG respects the privacy rights of all individuals, and expects you to do the same. That means that no actual picture of a member may be used in a SotW image without prior consent of the pictured individual.

Signature guidelines are taken far more seriously in the SotW competition.

The guidelines for the thirty-ninth SotW competition are as follows:

Theme: Robots.

Additional rules: None.

Any images which do not follow the listed rules for this week will NOT be included in the voting poll, and a return message stating that your entry is flawed will NOT be sent to you. Read the weekly guidelines, and follow them as well as possible. If you feel that your image follows the guidelines, but are unsure if I will be able to tell, please send an explanation of how it fits into the theme for the week, included in the same message that you send the image in.

If an image makes it into the poll and does not meet the standards, then that image will NOT be disqualified. It's my fault that it got there, I obviously missed something. No need to point it out in the voting thread.

Signatures are due on Friday, August 14, 2009 at 12 PM PST (3 PM EST). The reason being so that each competition can take a full week, and not 10 days.


PM Glarbage!

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