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Desu 04-12-2009 04:50 PM

Myth Build
Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)

So Here's The Build I Was Planning To use After I Rebirth And It's 100% Myth. Any Comments Or Suggestions On What To Add Or Take Out? o.o

*No L. Drake Set.

VeraSwablu 04-12-2009 05:36 PM

If you aren't using L.Drake set, I would highly recommend Mana Extension Lv7, or at least 4. The reagents are incredibly easy to get in 1-5B. Enter stage, get key from npc, and melee up the reagents lying near the seal stone. Both of the reagents for Lv7 ME are there, so you can spam it without even having to spend much time farming. Easy 1.3k mp every 180 seconds. Plus, its the same reagent for your other buff anyway.

As for where to get the points, I suppose the weakest mything skill is non-rb Call of Thunder, when you consider that it has a 40 sec cooldown, and isn't affect by crit buff either. You could remove a different skill if you wanted to though, like maybe rb Heavens Justice, because of that hefty 150 sec cd and high mp cost.

Other then that, looks fine to me.

Desu 04-13-2009 01:13 PM

I Took Out Points From Calling Thunder And Put 7 Into Mana Extension And Left Calling Thunder At Lvl 1. I Have 2 Points Left. o.o

Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)

az335 04-13-2009 03:17 PM

umm..very hard to use arien in myth w/o l.drake

Aeries 04-15-2009 04:54 AM

I personally don't like the RB heavens justice since it has a very long cool down which can be canceled anytime plus it doesn't hit as much unless you are inside the mob. I regret putting points into it, I currently have it as level 5 and gave up putting points into it, I would keep it to 1 for flinching purposes. Also, I didn't put points into calling thunder because of the lack of shots that it gives compare to the RB one plus the 40 second cool-down.

Well this is what I would like to have if I have skill resets:

The only thing that is different from my current one is that I don't have mp increase, I have max rage instead of 4 (black pearls are expensive but if I am really rich I wouldn't mind maxing it, besides the other two reagents are easier to farm from the history side-stages 5-10 and 6-10).

If you are wondering why I have a max normal wind scattering is because I use it when I'm inside the mobs where I can hit them all or when I'm touching all of them. I don't know if that make sense to others but yea.

By the way, max rb heavens will do 3-4k dmg per hit once you get 2k+ str. I just based this on my yuki's ice bomb when I have 2k str.

Hopefully this helps you a bit.

Yumidesu 04-24-2009 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by az335 (Post 790496)
Very hard to use Arien without L. Drake at all.

^ Fixed.

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