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06-18-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Myself; Yourself

Genres : Drama, Harem, Romance

Hikada Sana returns to his hometown after 5 years away living in Tokyo. Although there are some changes to the town, most has remained the same. On a detour to his apartments, he notices a girl in a shrine maiden outfit watching him when he visits the shrine. He finds out, the next day at school, that this girl is actually Yatsushiro Nanaka , his old childhood friend whom he gave a bracelet to before he left, that she still wears, even to this day.
Is it just me, or do I not see this thread in MyTrickster @ AnimeSection?
I'm pretty positive that Rhine made one.
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06-19-2008   #2 (permalink)
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I thought it was so cute QQ
06-19-2008   #3 (permalink)
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i think it comes together with how Sana comes back for a reason and how twist of fate lets you get the answer to that reason by the end of the 13 episodes. I would have liked to see the faces on the twins at the end of the show.. .__. i was sad on that part.. darn you cut scenes.. <3 the twins.. even though they seemed to be liking one another.. incest?.. *shrugs*
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06-21-2008   #4 (permalink)
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That's right I watched this instead of study.... >_________>;;

Anyway, I liked it except I thought that "10 years later.." was a bit sudden. =/ I thought it could have had a better transition. o.o; oh well. I did find the Youta and uh.... what's her face cute though. 8D

I would have thought they'd get married sooner though. =o Like 7 years later... oh well, that's just me. D;

I'm pretty sure the twins end up together at the end, and I don't really like it just because they were denying it so strongly at first. I guess the ending doesn't give enough for any real deductions though. =p

I would have liked to see more of what happens later... but that's not going to happen, lol.

I also thought that Shuu and Sana's voices didn't exactly match. One was too soft and the other was too bold. o.o; And at first, I thought Aoi was really annoying... but then I got used to it and it was cute. XD

I also thought that Sana and Nanaka could have shown something... like a kiss.. D8;;
I found the whole thing pretty cute though... :3 *got teary eyed*
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