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Ayumi 01-29-2013 02:58 PM

Ai Yazawa draws again!

"Yazawa Island," the regular feature on manga creator Ai Yazawa, celebrated its 100th installment in the March issue of Shueisha's Cookie magazine on Saturday. To commemorate the milestone, Yazawa herself drew a new two-page "Junko's Room" chapter. Yazawa created the "Junko's Room" bonus extras, which revolved around Nana's friend Junko, for her NANA manga volumes.

Yazawa put her NANA manga on hiatus in 2009 while being treated for an unspecified serious illness. She was released from the hospital in 2010 and revealed that she did not know when or if she will return to working again. The new "Junko's Room" chapter is Yazawa's first new manga published in over three years.
Source [ANN - Anime News Network]

Is this real life? Shit. I'm, as probably everyone else, is hoping this means she'll eventually get back to work and give some CPR to NANA. ;w;

Although this might've been just a one time thing due to the 100th installment, but YOU WILL NOT TAKE AWAY MY HOPE.

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