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Mega 01-25-2013 08:53 PM

From Up On Poppy Hill

(Poster released~)


is a 2011 Japanese animated drama film directed by Gorō Miyazaki, scripted by Hayao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa, and produced by Studio Ghibli, based on the serialized Japanese comic of the same name illustrated by Chizuru Takahashi and written by Tetsurō Sayama.

Set in Japan of the 1960s, the film tells the story of Umi Matsuzaki, a high school girl living in a boarding house, Coquelicot Manor. When Umi meets Shun Kazama, a member of the school's newspaper club, they decide to clean up the school's clubhouse, Quartier Latin. However, Tokumaru, the chairman of the local high school and a businessman, intends to demolish the building for redevelopment and Umi and Shun, along with Shirō Mizunuma, must persuade him to reconsider.
Looking forward to seeing this one :)

Almora 01-26-2013 10:41 AM

What you haven't seen this yet omg?

It was really good, I wasn't expecting the plot twist at all ;A;
And the boys of Ghibli are as sexy as ever, bar the long haired ones. Not my cup of tea.

Not going to spoil it 4 u but enjoy. :py55:

buta 01-26-2013 12:25 PM

Yeah, I liked it a lot, too. I hope this isn't the dubbed version you're referring to. :|

Joey 01-26-2013 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by buta (Post 1801418)
Yeah, I liked it a lot, too. I hope this isn't the dubbed version you're referring to. :|

Yeah, this one is the upcoming dubbed American theatrical release. But there aren't a shit-ton of huge stars in this one, and it's probably gonna be done like... Mediocre at best. As far as American theatrical dub releases for Ghibli movies goes, I'd personally have to say Ponyo was the best release by far. But any movie with Betty White makes me happy.

Mega 03-19-2013 02:22 PM



Almora 03-19-2013 10:00 PM

awwwwwww y didn't they give shun more talk time. it was only like a split second on that bike <_>

will probs watch for happy tingly feelings again

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