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Joey 06-04-2011 10:00 PM

Update 2.5

Players have a plethora of brand new experiences to look forward to in the Empyrean Calling update, including:

Two new Group Instanced Dungeons, Esoterrace, a clandestine Balaur research facility, and the Empyrean Crucible, a trial of endurance that will pit players against waves of ferocious monsters!
An overhauled World Map system with dynamic objects and additional features.
Improved high resolution graphics make Atreia more beautiful than ever!
A new Mentor system rewards high level players for helping low level players with Quests and Instanced Dungeons.
Improved Legion features enhance Aion's social dynamics.
New pets, including Loot Pets and Buff Pets, and additional pet features.

Please continue reading for more detailed information about the features and changes coming in 2.5!
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