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Jumpercable 06-20-2008 10:27 PM

Request for Exodus
Game: Trickster Online

Server/Channel (if applicable) Ruby mostly

Guild Leader's forum name Jumpercable

Sub Leaders (forum names, max of 3): ( I don't know their usernames yet but
will in the next few days.)

Guild Description: Superduper fun hilarious spamtastic lonely one day then packed like a sardine can the next we aim to have fun and more fun.

Guild members: (use forum names, minimum of 15)
I'm sorry about this noe but I don't know all the usernames of the members who were there from mytrickster. I just found out about this tonight and I assure you the guild forum will be used and never neglected. Exodus has been together since last year febuary and although we go through fluxiations of activity we have always stuck together. Please let us have a forum. Thanks in advance even if you don't let us. We appreciate your effort and consideration.

NoeJeko 06-20-2008 10:49 PM

Request complete. Your private section password will come in a PM. When you get your subs, just open a new admin request. Thanks =]

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