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Rhinehart 01-26-2010 01:02 AM

Am I the Only One Who Noticed This?
I went to the Megaten section by way of the game select on the left sidebar on the homepage just now and noticed in the Overview section, it's...Mabinogi.


Originally Posted by GGFTW Megaten Overview
With over 50 different hair styles and over 40 different eye and lip features you can select from, Mabinogi allows countless possibilities to build your character with a wide range of colors and shapes. Users are also provided with various decorative accessories and shoes. Not happy with the selections? Dye them into different colors of your own choice to perfectly suit your taste! If you are tired of having the same look as everyone else, come and experience life in Mabinogi, where unique expressions of one’s identity are encouraged and celebrated!

Someone wanna fix that?

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