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NoeJeko 06-16-2008 02:34 PM

Guild Forum Requests
Please submit the following information when requesting a guild forum:

Game: (i.e. Grand Chase, Lunia, Perfect World, Trickster Online, OR specify this guild is not tied to a specific game)
Server/Channel (if applicable)
Guild Leader's forum name
Guild Page Link: (

If you don't have a guild page, you can make one at ggFTW Guilds. Before your guild forum will be added, you must have a total of 15 members and leaders on your guild page. You must also have *something* in the guild description block on your guild page.

Guilds can be created either for a specific game or as a "game-independent" guild. The latter is for guilds that span multiple games or that started on a game and left. If you start your guild for a specific game, you can have it moved to "game-independent" status at any time by requesting it here.

Guilds must have at least 15 members to have a forum created. This is to ensure that the forum will actually get used. We don't mind hosting them but, at the same time, we want to make sure they're actually used once created. Once your guild forum is created, you may use the guild notification system. The link can be found on your guild page after we create your guild forum and activate it.

Guild Pages with less than 15 members or inappropriate content (including emblems) will not be approved.

NoeJeko 06-19-2008 09:28 PM

Guild Section Leaders, SubLeaders, Rules, and MyMMO Staff.

Because there has been some confusion on other boards in the past, here is what we expect out of the guild sections and the scope of our staff's authority within those sections:

1. All forum rules apply within your guild section. The only rule that is waived is "Spamming" if the guild leaders allow it. Posts in your guild section do not count toward post counts. Even though spam may be allowed at the leader's discretion, if a guild leader for a specific section or a MyMMO staff member tells you to stop, please stop. Some guilds don't like random spam.

2. Guild Leader/SubLeader responsibilities. When using your moderator authority within your guild section, you will act as a representative of this forum's professional staff team. Do not abuse your powers or they will go away. Also, Guild Leaders are not members of the forum staff (unless they are designated as such by a Red, or Green name. If you are found trying to impersonate a staff member or exercise your powers outside your guild section they will be removed.

3. The forum staff still has full authority within any guild section - public or private. Moderators and super moderators cannot see your private section unless they are expressly assigned over that section, but any member of the staff at the global moderator level or above can. While we respect the privacy of the guilds, be aware that we do have access to these sections. If we receive notice of illegal activity within them, we will take action up to and including removal of the private section.

By requesting a guild section, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with these terms.

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