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i dont even...
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bros, man, i think this girl likes me, but the problem is one of my best bros likes her, actually 2 of them. anyways, so like i msged her on msn yesterday asking if she thought one of my best bro's haircut was kk (even though it was the most joke haircut i've seen in a long time plus he was a ***** but wanted to know styll). then i was like later and she was all "ughhhh, you don't talk to me for a year, then you finally do and it's all bout <insert brotato name here>" then i apologized to her and stuff and told her how i use to like her and it was all awkward and shit. she says she'll talk to me tmrw and today she msged me at like 12:30am and i was playing tf2 while it happened so when i got back, she was offline. LOL!!! this is pretty jokes, i wanna see how this unfolds.