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Default Need help with farmer

NEVERMINDSo I'm tryin to make a farmer. I got one of the barley things and now I've spent 2 and a half hours after finding the first to not get another one. The farmer guy says I need to bring two of them. A bear ate me after finding the first, and I'm not sure if it said in the quest log prior to that that I needed 2 of them, but since I've checked after dying there is nothing in my quest log. It only says "incomplete 2" at the bottom. I can't bring those quests up if they're even active still. I'm wondering if I cant find the second because I dont actually have the quest now? I've gone back to the farmer and all he says is to find 2 barleys and doesn't offer the quest again. I'm clearly still new to this game and how it works, so any help is much appreciated. Thanks.NEVERMIND

3 hours later I finally got the second barley. Answered my own question. Second part of this post would still be nice to get an answer to.

Also I'll ask now instead of posting in another thread. How should stats be distributed for farmers? And what the benefit of each stat. I didn't see anything in the tutorials explain that.
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