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Section 5: Creating your unique PvP build

Refer to my Sieg Skill guide for skill information: /forum/sieg-guides/5...tml#post906766

All builds I make will be placed at level 75, non-rebirthed. If you would like me to create a theme-based build or a specialized PvP build, let me know and I will add it to the list below, and you will be free to use it.

Basic PvP Sieg Core Skill Build Template: Core PvP Skills (Basic)

You do not have to use this template for your PvP build, but I recommend using it because some skills are absolutely necessary in all builds for effectiveness.

Build creation:

Welcome to the Gladiat Sieg skill build crash course! Here's the biggest part of your PvPing career: Making your own PvP build!

Making the perfect build for you is difficult. It requires much testing of skills, and combo experiments to find out the skills you should have. An ideal skill build is to have one that matches your playstyle. Maxing a skill that you hear is really good is useless if you use the skill only once a match, since that would be an absolute waste of points that could go better somewhere else.

Try PvPing a few matches, and do a few combos that you make up at the top of your head in practice field and in PvP. Observe the skills you use the most often and when and where you use them. If you use a certain skill very frequently, it may be a good idea to level that skill to maximize your damage output, or for bonuses that it gives at higher levels (like sky slashing). An example of a skill where I wouldn't level up a skill is if you use it for a certain purpose is whirlwind wave. There are many opinions about whirlwind wave; some people say 2 is better, some say 4 is better, and some think that 3 is best since it has both good and things of both levels. I personally use level 2 nado because I can easily do AA >>AS nado d fist cms or another skill after. Some use level 4 because the nados last longer and you can trap peole inside for longer in exchange for needing more airtime or being at a wall to be able to AA >>AS nado.

It basically boils down to your skill usage and how you use them. No one can make you a perfect build. You have to make it yourself; others can give suggestions, but the one using it is you.

Here's some of my own creations for those interested in a unique PvP build (They've been tested before, and some PvP matches are quite interesting using one of these builds):

Rune Knight Sieg: Rune Knight Sieg
Berserker Sieg (PvP style): PvP Berserker Sieg

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