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Section 4: Making First Hit

This is a BIG thing you need to know how to do when you PvP. Being able to do OCKOs is useless if you can't get a decent first hit to start your combo.

I find that using Sieg is best when you can maintain around an FDS distance (meaning you can hit with the last hit of FDS if you faced them and cast it). This allows you to maneuver around attacks and avoid some attacks that are difficult to dodge up close like whirling sword. I find that there are several steps to a first hit on an enemy:

**Note: This is only a bit of my playstyle. The steps aren't set in stone, and you can play differently and still get a same or greater result. Not everyone thinks the same way as me, nor does anyone play exactly the same way as me, but this is a good way for you to get started in PvP as a guide on mastering the First Hit. **

1) Maintain FDS distance (or at least onscreen). Be wary of any skills or attacks they may be aming to ambush you with. Never take the closest route to the enemy. Fought a Sieg on my Ryan earlier. He rushed me in a straight line and got nailed by 3 well aimed amplified rail guns and 2 freeze rail guns. Use S dash to maneuver around attacks and towards your enemy.

2) You are now between a blow distance and an effective provocation distance (meaning you can voke >>AS).you must be careful of any quick ranged attacks and charge attacks. Use sidesteps and S dash to maneuver around your opponent and consider your means of a combo starter using blow, voke, AA, retreating to reposition in a better area for you to begin your combo etc.

3) You are inside an effective provocation distance, and here is where things are the most risky and tricky. Begin to use AA eyerolls to get your enemy to move into where you want them to go, and if you wish, use your voke >>AS starter or blow. AA eyerolls can also be used with destruction fist if you're feeling confident that you can catch them by surprise, but I do not recommend using any long cast time skills (whirling sword is also good it you are sure you can connect, and escape if you miss).

4) The final step. Be prepared to use your saving skills (FDS, blow, counter etc. anything with invincibility frames) to escape if required. You should be sparing and probing within a crosscut distance. You may jump back and forth between steps 3 and 4, but this is the point where one goes chicken, or one lands the First Hit. Eyeroll to maneuver around the enemy and also to probe into the enemy's territory. If an A connects, immediately >>AS before they can escape or invincibility frame through it. If you get hit, immediately try to use counter or run out if possible, play dead if not, or attack back if they are attempting to use a skill that will not have enough time to cast. If anyone goes further than step 3, retreat and start from step 1 again. However, if the oponent is intent on escaping from step 4, hit or cancel their escape skill if possible (unless it has invincibility frames) and begin your combo if you can.

***This playstyle will NOT be effective against Ryans. Read the Vs Ryan section for ideas on how I beat them. But ALWAYS keep sight of your enemy. A Dainn may be able to FDH without you knowing and you will be in big trouble if you cannot counter it, and a Ryan may be able to ambush you with an Iron Bomb or another powerful attack.***

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