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Section 3: PvP Techniques

These are techniques and maneuvers that you can do while in a PvP match. This can help play mind games, move around more easily to find an opening in your opponent's defenses or help you extend your combos and reset damage decay to deal even more damage.

S Dash:

S dash is the easiest of all Sieg techniques. You press S, then you double tap the direction you want to go in, and you dash. The S helps ignore any slowdown debuffs on you, and you can dash in any direction you want. It's helpful for moving around your opponent or avoiding attacks with mindgames. You move a further distance compared to just dashing.

Space Reset:

Space Reset is pretty easy as well. When the opponent is about to hit the ground, or is on the ground, press space, and right when you connect with them, use a skill. If the cast time of the skill is short enough, you can air the opponent right away without being hit, and you can continue your combo at 0 decay. However, some skills are too slow and will not work with this.

The following skills can be used for a space reset:

Whirlwind Wave
Wind Kick
Crescent Moon Sword*
[*]: Is not always 100% guaranteed to work.

Sidestep Left:

Sidestepping to the left is done by pressing >>A+S. This ignores all speed-debuffs and buffs on you for the sidestep movement. Sidestepping is used to continue a combo after whirling sword, and can also be used for avoiding attacks at the last moment.

Sidestep Right:

Sidestepping to the right is done by doing >>A+Space. this also ignores all speed modifiers. Like sidestepping to the left, it can be used to continue a combo after whirling sword. However, it is much slower to execute but much easier.

Shifting (3 & 4-key):

3 key shift is exactly what it sounds like; you press 3 keys and "shift" to a different location. You usually do this after a combo string like AA, Kicking S, CC (1) etc. and it will allow you to "reset" your movements, and acts as though you are just beginning to attack your enemy and they are already in the air. Usually 3 key shift is done by dashing diagonally at a 45 degree, and turning 90 degrees halfway to face your opponent.

Example: AA >>AS Kicking S 339 AAAA >>A CC (1) 886 AAAAA.

At the Kicking S string, you will have a large amount of air time, and you can shift so you can reset your movements, and be able to do AA again. At the CC (1) part, if you had continued with AA after the stab, you would have lost a chunk of air time. By shifting, you minimize the airtime you lose and allows you to combo for a longer period of time. Also, you can move around walls and objects to prevent obstacles from ending your combos.

Backdash is also a 3 key shift, except you press 446 at a wall to give yourself room to move forwards from your attacks.

4 key shift is a bit of a combination of halfdash and the 3 key shift. Your enemy must be off-centered for this to work, and you must have enough distance to halfdash before you face them.

Example: You are off-centered from your opponent, and you manage to land AA >>AS kicking. You can now make your S go towards your opponent and push him to lengthen the distance between you and him. Now, you can halfdash forwards and turn towards him. This is called a 4 key shift, because you halfdash to close distance, and turn towards him to shift the direction you're facing. These are the buttons you would press in this scenario (You are a bit lower than his center, and you strike the bottom of him):

AA >>AS Kicking 9S 6649 AA etc.

You can also use this in wall combos and other places where a 3 key shift won't reach your enemy and a halfdash will leave you misaligned with your enemy.


Halfdash is a pretty neat technique that can be used if your enemy is too far away from you, if >>A is not a string you want to use. After a string, you can press 664, and you will dash forwards and stop halfway. The 4 will cancel your dash. Do not hold 4! This will cause you to do a backdash instead, and you will turn around, face and probably end up attacking the wrong way. This is a bit more difficult than shifting since you cannot hold the last key.

Another way to do this is by pressing 6646. You can hold the last key in this one, but it isn't good to get into a habit of this since you lose more air time compared to doing 664.


There are many ways to call it, but I refer to it as probing. Probing consists of one string: AA.Probing is for setting yourself up with a target that you can >>AS into. It can also be used to force your opponent to cancel a skill or to make them move in a certain direction. It also allows you to move quickly if you miss the AA, so you don't get comboed like you would have if you used >>AS.

Eyeroll/Circle Strafe:

Once again, there's several names for this. I know it mostly as "eyeroll" or "circle strafe". It's basically repetitive probing, except you move in a way that you do not get hit if the opponent attacks towards your original position, and also allows you to force enemies to use invincibility frames, or to avoid striking counterattack. A way to do eyeroll is by doing AA 44A+S 9 AA or AA 77A+Space 2 AA. There are numerous ways you can do eyeroll, and they can be easily alternated for mindgames. If you hit with AA, you can also eyeroll and AA again to attack your enemy for extra damage. Becareful of being attacked while doing this, because you will lose your chance for a starter and you may be the one getting comboed instead.


Frontal is the short version of saying "Frontal Windmill", but no one likes to type out long sentences (unless we have to), so it will be called frontal in this guide because I am too lazy to call it otherwise. Frontal is when you do repeated >>A strings in one direction, or when you windmill and you constantly move forwards, and do not change directions. This is mostly done at walls, and can become an infinite combo if done properly. Here is the "beginner way" of doing frontals (Pretend you just shifted to be parallel to the wall):

AA 66A 66A 66A 66A etc.

You end up losing a lot of air time because of the delay between the As. Here is the true way of doing Frontals:

AA 66A+Space 66A+Space 66A+Space etc.

You will gain some air time by doing this, and it is much easier to do than windmill, as you only need to worry about dashing too far and cancelling the A. Doing this in the open is extremely difficult to move in a perfectly straight line, so doing this at a wall is a much better place to practice.


Windmill is the hardest Sieg technique to master. The concept is simple, but it is EXTREMELY hard to do this. This comprises of the >>A string, and the sidestep right movement. You do a >>A, and after the A hits, you press space to sidestep, and you dash towards them again, and repeat the process. Essentially, this is what you should be doing (Assuming you do not need to reposition yourself. In this example, you have just shifted, and you will be using a transition that allows you to begin the windmill):

AA 66A+Space 99A+Space 88A+Space 77A+Space 44A+Space 11A+Space etc.

If you look closely, the keys that you will press are in a counter-clockwise pattern. The >>A gives you additional air time and allows you to stall for cooldowns. This sounds very easy right? Well... once you start to try this, you'll find it is very challenging to master it. Heck, I haven't mastered it and I've practiced for months.

If you want to stop windmilling, you can dash after you press the space and shift, or you can use a skill after the >>A and you can continue to combo. This is called Windmill Cancel.

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