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Section 1: Melee Strings

These will be the main strings you use during a combo or to start a combo. Note that Sieg has many other melee strings, but these are the most commonly used by the veteran PvP players.

AA: Sieg slashes twice.

This will be your most used skill string. You will be using this to "probe" the enemy's area. Usually, AA is used as a starter, so if you miss you can still dash away before you get hit. If you connect with AA, >>AS is easily used after this for a combo starter. Also, some shifts in the air can be done with AA if you must change your position, and you can do >>A instead of AA to move closer so you can strike with a skill.

AA Space: Sieg slashes twice and stabs forwards with his sword.

This is usually used for shifting in air combos if AS space space brings you too close to the enemy, or launches them too far away.

AAAA: Sieg slashes four times.

This is usually used as a transition in air combos if you are close enough. It is a simple transition that can easily be followed by many skills, and other melee strings can also easily follow this (>>A, >>AS, Space etc). However, shifting after this string results in a large reduction of air time, so this is best used to stall for a few seconds for another skill that can lift the enemy again.

AAS: Sieg slashes twice and swings his sword up.

A basic combo starter. This is easy to do on enemies, but can easily be avoided by an invincibility frame or play dead, cancelled by Tia's A spam or >>S or countered with Sieg's Counterattack. In air combos, AAS can be used to move a person further away to position yourself or to stall for cooldown with minimal loss of airtime.

AAAS: Sieg slashes three times and swings his sword down, dealing two hits with the down swing.

This string is generally used for stalling for cooldowns. The S has a shorter range than the 4th A in AAAA, but is much better for shifting, as you lose only a small bit of air time. However, using this can be tricky if you misjudge the distance, but can be used for mind games to set yourself up for a easy D fist or blow if the person uses their rising A or rushes you.

AS Space: Sieg slashes once, swings up once and moves forward while doing a wide sweep with his sword.

This string is good for building up airtime, and moving enemies away. However, it must be done in close proximity, and must be followed up quickly by a skill to prevent the loss of airtime. Note that some skills will not be effective because they do not have enough range to approach the enemy effectively (like Kicking).

AS Space Space: Sieg slashes once, swings up once, moves forward while doing a wide sweep with his sword and stabs the enemy.

The string used for Sieg's infinite combo. This string gives a nice bit of air time, although it requires you to be in close proximity, and the enemy is pushed quite far away by the end of the string. It can be shifted after, or continued by a skill.

AASS: Sieg slashes twice and swings his sword up twice.

This string is not used very often because the time between the two S's causes you to lose air time, although the 2nd S regains it. It is better used for a starter if you did AAS and are still close enough for the second S to connect. However, AA >>AS is a much better alternative as a starter, and AS space space is much better than this for air time.

AASS Space: Sieg slashes twice, swings his sword up twice and does a wide sweep.

This can be used to increase air time by a significant amount, or to give a large amount of air time if done on the ground. It gives enough air time for d fist to be used after it, but requires you to be close to the enemy for the space to connect. It can also be used to increase air time.

AASS Space Space: Sieg slashes twice, swings his sword up twice, does a wide sweep and then stabs his enemy.

This can be used when approaching a wall if the enemy is walled by the first space. It is a good substitute if the area between the player and the wall is a bit too large for AS space space to connect. You can continue with AS space space if the enemy is against the wall, and then shift to continue your combo.

>>A: Sieg charges forwards and brings his sword in a wide sweep.

This string is the combo string used in frontal and windmill. It is great for closing distance against enemies, and also adds a little bit of air time. Most skills can be easily followed up after this in combos. >>A is the main part of the AA >>AS starter, where you close the distance before you air them.

>>AS: Sieg charges forwards, brings his sword in a wide sweep and strikes the enemy with his shoulder.

This is the most important part of the AA >>AS starter, as this is the part that closes the distance between the enemy and launches them into the air. However, if done from too far away, the S will not connect, and will leave you vulnerable to be hit by the enemy. After the >>A, you can control which direction the S goes by pressing and holding that direction as you press S to properly align yourself with your enemy or to air them if your >>A missed, but are still close enough for the S to connect. In air combos, >>AS can be used to extend your combos to stall for cooldown if you have enough air time, as the S decreases air time by a significant amount. Also, it is often used to decrease cooldown, close distance and to adjust the height to use sky slashing.

Space: Sieg jumps into the air and lands on the enemy, driving his sword into them.

This is usually used to force people to get up and take additional hits from whirlwind wave. Usually it is used to reset the air damage decay with whirlwind wave so you can strike with a full power skill after the enemy is aired again. This can be also used for space reset to continue a combo for 0 decay on your next skill before you air the opponent again. Also, this can be used for mind games to cause a person to use their Rising A so you can connect with a skill.

Get-up/Rising A: Sieg spins around while swinging his sword to stand up from his lying position on the ground.

This is one of the few total invincibility skills Sieg has. He is invincible until he stops spinning and you can dash backwards or use a skill to cancel the spin. However, if you do not cancel the spin, you are vulnerable for a moment at the end. It can be used to block attacks like entwining roots, down attack, finishing blow etc. This can be used as a combo starter if you do >>A after connecting if the opponent is behind you, or if you use a skill like provocation or kicking after connecting with the opponent in front of you to stall/increase air time so you can proceed with a combo.

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