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Default 09/29/09 Patch Notes ( 09/29/2009)


•The second Seal Breaker Gacha set has been added, featuring the DK-MARK 3 pet and Evil Templar, Evil Lord, and Evil Kaiser/Kaiserin sets.
•The King Guang's Fen dungeon has been added to Silver Land continent.


•King Guang's Fen dungeon added to Silver Land, Lake Aurora dungeon completion is required to unlock this dungeon.
•Completion of Lake Aurora Champion Crest is required to acquire the King Guang's Fen Champion Crest.
•Until October 6th, completing King Guang's Fen in 3-star difficulty will award players with the Water Dragon's Blessing signboard for 3 days. This time will stack as many times as you finish the dungeon!
•Until October 6th, a miniature accessory version of King Guang and Mystic Golem may rarely be found in King Guang's Fen for 1 day each, this time will stack if you are lucky enough to get multiple drops.


•Seal Breaker Scrolls in packs of 1, 10, 20, and 30 have been readded to the Academy in support of Seal Breaker Gacha.
•500-use packs of the skill for DK-MARK 3 have been added to the Pet Shop.


•100-use packs of the skill for DK-MARK 3 have been added to the Pet Shop.


•Sealed Gems are once again dropping in dungeons.
•Gacha Dungeon 1 - Trial Tower has been closed, Casanova is no longer available.
•Gacha Dungeon 2 - Gorgos' Dungeon has been closed, Saku is no longer available.

--Grand Chase Team