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Lightbulb Myth Guide - Part 3 - Forest of Fire

After all the hard work for getting 3k str you're finally there; And you want to start doing m3. Cool for you.

Here's my guide for m3 - or rather a semi-guide - because in the contrary to m1 and m2 which I've done hundreds of I'm still an avg player in m3 - However these bits of pieces of experience that I am going to share might help you a lot - expecially when m3 is new to you.

Yes, I'll be upgrading the guide after I gain some more experience - like another 50 Wildurs.


Now, let's focus on killing Wildur. Here are some videos:

YouTube - Lunia Myth 3 Wildur solo
YouTube - Lunia Myth 3 Wildur solo
YouTube - Myth 3: Wildur

and in my opinion the best one:

YouTube - Lunia Myth 3 Wildur

*Caution* I'll natively refer to the fourth video.
Try to always watch videos in "high quality" mode at youtube website - not some small window within forum.


Beating Wildur focuses on three things:
1. Your Computer
2. Wildur
3. You

Ad. 1 Your Computer
There are two pressing issues concerning your hardware. Lag and graphics. Because Wildur's battle is the most fast-paced battle so far you'll need lagless connection. Or at least as much lagless as possible. The other thing is your resolution. Because the m3 boss map is the biggest (or at least it seems bigger than m2 boss room and m1 boss room to most of the people, including myself) you'll need as high resolution as possible - to see Wildur from as far away as possible. Because Wildur's attacks are not transparent as Foriel's you won't need Ultra High or Above Avarage graphics. Average will do just fine.


Ad. 2 Wildur
K, here are Wildur's attacks (timeframes are refering to 4th video):

0:21+ Fire Dragon
0:26+ Fire Lift
0:30+ Fireballs
1:37+ Fire Wave
1:45+ The Timer
The Pet
The Rocks

Before we start with the attacks, a general tip: It's good to know what way Wildur is facing. All of Wildur's attacks are in front of him so distinguishing his sides by barely few visible pixels or fragments of his Aura.... is kinda essential to your survivor. Another essential skill (this one will come fast and easily) is to distinguish circles on the ground. Which circle means which attack.

Fire Dragon - That one will confuse you a lot, but first things first. It hits around 2-3k per hit, so if you have sprinter's reflex you can use some invin pot. Concentrated shield pots (from fish quests) are untreadable, so use your main char always to collect those pots. Even pot I is good enough - 5 seconds of invincibility is enough to dodge all attacks. As I wrote above this skill will confuse you a lot at the beginning (and thus kill you a lot). The thing about this skill is that it somehow can't go outside of the map (I do not understand it in 100% for now, so I might be a bit wrong in this point) - while the circle that shows where it will hit can go outside. I know it sounds complicated. Example: Wildur is in corner - the circle indicates that the middle of his attack will be in the corner - that is not true. Whole of this dragon will be inside the map - thus the center will be shifted. Because the range is so great it will happen in like 40% of cases that you will need to take correction on the area it will hit. All that also shows in a follwing situation: you're at the middle of some edge, wildur's there too, the attack starts - which way you'll run away? To the other edge (suicidal) or to the end of the current edge (you'll survive) ? Sometimes when appropriately casted it might seem that corner is not safe, but it is - it's always worhty to give it a shot instead of dying (unless you have more secure and safer path to run away). Another tip: no you can't go below wildur when he is high in the air preparing to attack.

Fire Lift - Comparing the range and cast time it has - it makes it a really deadly move. You'll learn very fast that the cast time is so short, that if you're not dashing away immidiately you're as good as dead. There are some good things about this skill - you'll have a loooot of time to use invin pot. Furthermore - if you trust your eir/krieg you don't even need to use pot - just count on them. The other good thing about this skill is that it can be canceled. After Wildur is freezed - even for a milisecond - he'll stop using this skill. Another way to cancel it (I haven't figured it out completly so I might be wrong in this point) is to use invin pot early on - when there are like 3-4 people on the lift - and you use invin pot you will cancel that skill and save others. At least that's what it seems to be. When soloing - that attack will be your worst nightmare.

Fireballs - Their Induction is quite low. They are fast though. It's actually one of the easiest to avoid attacks. Just stay close to Wildur. Another thing is hiding in front of Wildur - if you hide near his right hand - it's good - but his left hand cast is closer to his body - so if you're hiding near his left hand (the second hand that casts) you'll die. As far as I remember the ground smash is auto get-up but the fireball itself is not.

Fire Wave - Time to change your habits. Foriel's Big Ball attack was casted by his right hand - so you evaded it counterclockwisely. Now it's casted by left hand and as seen on video exactly at 1:40 it is shifted a bit to the left. There are actually 3 ways to dodge it. One way is to hug Foriel. It's the common way. Other one is to hide behind him clockwisely. It still will kill you lots of times, because the beginning of the attack is actually closer to Wildur than you may think - and thus it will make you hit even though no graphics of the animation would indicate that you were hit. The difference is very tiny - however that tiny difference makes a big difference. The third way to avoid is to dash-away catacornerly. The attack is fairly straight so dashing away will give you more time to get out of the hitting zone. yes that will mean you'll loose sight of Wildur and next attack might kill you - but it'll at least let you survive for now.

The Timer - I heard that mdef doesn't work against it. Furthermore, the elevators are elemental so mdef + play dead still on cd will kill ya. Because this skill is not auto get up (the first main AoE that is not auto get-up ! ) there are a hundred ways to skim off the top. One is obviously elevator. I heard stories that some freezing skills (or other reasons) might damage elevators - so they won't work at all or won't jump you at the correct time. The other ways are: using invin skills, invin pots, going near eir who usually casts LS, going near krieg who sometimes casts his long-lasting heal for the party even before you get hit. Even if you get hit, there's a big chance someone will fake ress you. The biggest problem with the timer is that... there might be none. As buttons where killers in long run at Foriel (without eir/krieg) same is Ordeal here. Fights are usually much longer than with Foriel and the rocks are usually much faster. Even if you can evade rocks perfectly - coming out of ordeal is much harder - you'll always all the time find yourself in a bad place and a bad time. Ordeal usually takes one person couple of times in a row (same thing was in m2) so you'll run out of invin pots very fast.

The Pet - Because of the nature of the fight - which is very fast paced - a pet becomes an obstacle that might become very annoying - even though the pet itself is almost harmless. As in m2 happened rarely that the team didn't take care about pet at all - that situation won't happen here. Pet first. No exceptions. But there is always a but. Keeping pet and wildur together is dangerous. So there is always someone (that is an informal spread of the roles, that actually no one talks about) attacking wildur constantly. It might even be you - you attack only Wildur - keep an agrro on you so the team can kill pet safely in some other corner.

The Rocks - sometimes it will happen that you'll encounter the rocks (I mean the top left and top right ones). Becuase it is generally safer to be above Wildur not below him (you see more) people will tend to drag Wildur to the top of the map. The fight is longer than with Foriel so the chance to destroy the rocks over time grows. From my experience I've noticed that rocks actually slow down the killing process. Slow down enough to notice it.


Ad 3. You

After doing 15-20 Wildurs in a row and then going back to m2 you'll notice that Foriel became... clumsy and slow. His attacks have so big cast time you could run around him twice before his attack becomes a threat. Dying at Foriel will become a history, once you start doing m3 regularly.

As m2 taught you - casting a long non-cancelable skill in wrong time might kill you. Here this rule applies even more. As you'll notice the less lifes you have to more you start to actually dodge - how bout behaving as if you had 0 lifes at the beginning? That will really greatly increase your survivability. The difference is not in technical skills, but in the mindset.

After reading this semi-guide you'll conclude that there are practically no auto get-up attacks. Don't let that thought blind you from the truth - Wildur is the most challanging Myth boss so far.


Thank you for reading