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Short Introduction about hunters.

Table of Content

Part 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1.1 What is a hunter?
1.2a How to be a hunter? (Old style)
1.2b How to be a hunter? (New style)

Part 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
2.1 Short allocation of an archer-hunter skill build
2.2 Hunter skills
2.3 Hunter build (PvE)
2.4 Hunter build (PvP)
2.5 Comboing and Tactics

Part 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
3.1 F.A.Qs
================================================== =======
1.1. What is a hunter?
================================================== =======

Hunter, you may think they hunt things by their weapon bow or some sort of zombies who prey on people, but they are not. Hunters are...

A superior class of Archer, Hunter is the most representing job which can be practiced with bow. They are very good at tracking animals' trace and using traps. They are experts in using bows who can shoot their target from any angle. Hunters can double their power by summoning animals they captured by training the animals. They have been receiving respect for their strong bodies and amazing bow skills. Upon the crisis of the world, Hunters volunteered to join the army. They have upgraded their marksman through cross-firing skill, and marched forward over countless victories in battle.
Yes, quoted in the DGN's homepage. Summarizing it : Hunter are great sharpshooters who have trained and tamed animals, and have accurate bow-wielding shots with numerous victories

Hunter are well spammable in their skills and versed in autolocking skills. As far they are the superior class in late game rather than rangers.

However, that will means they are very weak at their early levels, too feeble to solo themselves, even knights and gladiators can defeat them.

================================================== =======
1.2a How to be a hunter? (Old style)
================================================== =======

1st. Talk to your bow instructor (Located near the soul craft NPC, or in bearings, 245 degree.)

2nd. Hunt 20 hunter scrolls from monster at bearded whale beach. Well, the drop rate is 10%, so you probably need to kill 200, or lucky, maybe few.

3rd. Give the scroll, and do F4 toto, find a decent party and down it fast.

4th. Now he will reward you with a gas mask, use it, cause you will have to fight farrel. Go fight farrel!! YAY, but dont solo it at lvl 20.

5th. Find ANOTHER decent party, recommended one lvl 25+ above. Your main job is strike and run when at farrel, but not so fast, hunt 5 keys.

Fire, Water, Wood, Iron, and Earth.

6th. Go to his maze, and go to different rooms to kill the mini boss to get the keys.

7th. Give leader all the keys, go in to the boss.

8th. Kill Farrel, and you are done.

Note that farrel have 2 attacks, rush attack, and hulk smash. When he rush, his feet will start to act up and blast you off in a range when he charge.
Hulksmash... He jumps up and smash into an aoe, lethal to newbies at early 20s.

================================================== =======
1.2b How to be a hunter? (New style)
================================================== =======

1st. You gotta talk to your job instructor for hunting 20 hunter scroll.

2nd. After getting it, go back and talk to him.

3rd. He will instruct you to find White Tooth/ Capt. Hookah F2 and devastate him.

4th. Return, and kill him again at F4.

5th. Change job. The hero quest related to Hookah is no longer available at lvl 19, but after job change, in some process.

================================================== =======
2.1 Short allocation of an archer-hunter skill build
================================================== =======

Before having to become a hunter, you must use your skill reset given by your gift box (lvl 15), use at level 19

Rising shot level 3 (Do not listen to people saying level 1, at late levels, you can use lvl 1 rising shot if you want, but for now, you need at level 3, trust me, level 1 is okay, but can make your life harder)

Anti-air shot level 5

Shootdown level 1

Multishot level 5

Rapid Step level 5

Relaunch is optional, but if you want, add it to level 1 only. In PvP, you are EXPECTED to have relaunch, in PvE, forget it.

================================================== =======
2.2 Hunter skills
================================================== =======

Advanced Bow Mastery Level 0/5

Increase your bow damage further.

Do not add this skill, because ABM adds the total damage FROM your base total damage. I.E You have 500 damage (total), 100 is base damage and 400 is from bow dmg. Level 5 gives 20% dmg. 20% of 100 is 20, total is 120. Do not add this unless you have a crapload of strength (which you won't, trust me)

Bleed Level 0/5 or 1/5

Throws a book and inflict Bleed status to foes

Add this to level 1 if you are going to PvP or having too much skill point. In PvE, you can use, but optional. This skill is needed for the important 2nd job skill - Acid Arrow, until level 40+.

Acid Arrow Level 0/5 or 1/5 or 2/5 or 3/5

Shoots an arrow imbued with lethal poison to foes

This may be a joke, why you have 4 sections?

Level 0 - You don't use this skill at all, because you don't need it due to its crappy AoE and poor damage, why use then?
Level 1 - Used for decreasing foe's def in PvE, and having an additional skill to use.
Level 2 - Pre-requite for Netbind
Level 3 - Able to hit ground foes.

For me, I will learn to level 2 at least. Firstly, for netbind usefulness in PvP, and able to hit and run in PvP if you are well-versed in mindgames (I have mastered half of it, boasts)

Sharpshoot Level 0/5

Snipes with charge time for a lethal damage to foes.

Crappy skill with long charge time and the charge time is twice as long for multishot. Just don't learn.

Credits to ImNotGakupo in IAHGames Dragonica Forum for the picture

Netbind level 0/5 or 5/5

Shoots a web and ensnare foe.

Ok... This skill is used in PvP only. So if you are in PvE type, Don't Learn It. This skill have a short AoE and is incredibly hard to use, but if you know the tricks, it will be easy. It will be explained somehow later below.

Disruption Web level 0/5 or 1/5

Upgrade netbind to contain poison

This skill is optional if you learn netbind. But poison is good alongside with bleed and acid arrow at early level, a whooping 48 dmg per sec for about 5sec, which can kill a low hp person who is running around like a mindless freak.

Arrow Shower level 2/5 or 5/5

Shoots a fluffy of arrow into the skies and divulge foe's torment when it strikes down.

This skill, learn 2/5 in PvP and 5/5 in PvE. Used for stunning foes in PvP, and a skill to clear monster with stunning delay in PvE. Nothing much to say around here. It's an autolock skill, thats why it's great.

Rocket Launcher Level 3/5

Fire a rocket to the designated ground to annihilate foes to the skies

Learn 3/5 to fully show its potential at level 31. Level 1 and 2 does slight launch, which is not significant in PvE, but very significant in PvP. If foe jump, when blast, it will launch him up high. It's another autolock skill.

Wolf Rush Level 5/5

Summon the mighty roar of wolf, and rushes towards foes.

Our signature dish for a hunter, Wolf Rush. Max it no matter what happens. It can fully launch at level 5, and its another autolock skill.

Well, love my Vega + wolf combi?

Bird Watching Level 5/5

Enhance yourself with the mighty chicken's strength.

This is our active buff skill. It gives dmg, str and agi. Do not belittle its power, at level1, it beats bow mastery already. Max no matter what happens.

Hallucination level 5/5

Turns translucent to increase evade rate.

Another active buff skill. It render us semi-immunity for 15sec if used well. It adds 250% evade rate at maximum level, which is alot if you know how to use in PvP, charge if you are confident enough. But the cooldown? 60secs.

Mesmerize level 0/5 or 5/5

Reflect damage back to foe if he hits you in a certain chance when using hallucination.

Do not add this at all, unless you are going to be a vit type hunter (VERY RARE). A vit type hunter equip vit and hp items, and drops his evade to lowest, to let foe hit and reflect dmg back of 20% at max level. But frankly, it isn't worth it.

================================================== =======
2.3 Hunter build (PvE)
================================================== =======

Level 20 - Bird Watching level 1
Level 21 - Arrow Shower level 1
Level 22 - Save skill point
Level 23 - Hallucination level 1
Level 24 - Arrow Shower level 2 ; Bird Watching level 2
Level 25 - Rocket Launcher level 1
Level 26 - Hallucination level 2
Level 27 - Wolf Rush level 1 ; Arrow Shower level 3
Level 28 - Rocket Launcher level 2 ; Bird Watching level 3
Level 29 - Hallucination level 3
Level 30 - Arrow Shower level 4 ; Wolf Rush level 2
Level 31 - Rocket Launcher level 3
Level 32 - Bird Watching level 4 ; Hallucination level 4
Level 33 - Arrow Shower level 5 ; Wolf Rush level 3
Level 34 - Save skill point
Level 35 - Hallucination level 5
Level 36 - Bird Watching level 5 ; Wolf Rush level 4
Level 37 - Save skill point
Level 38 - Save skill point
Level 39 - Wolf Rush level 5
Level 40 - Save skill point for Trapper (75SP if you followed, 65SP if you add relaunch)

================================================== =======
2.4 Hunter build (PvP)
================================================== =======
NOTE : This does not include Relaunch, if you need relaunch, go get it, you will be short of SP at level

Level 20 - Bleed level 1 ; Bird Watching level 1
Level 21 - Arrow Shower level 1
Level 22 - Acid Arrow level 1
Level 23 - Hallucination level 1
Level 24 - Bird Watching level 2 ; Arrow Shower level 2
Level 25 - Rocket Launcher level 1 ; Acid Arrow level 2
Level 26 - Netbind level 1 ; Hallucination level 2
Level 27 - Wolf rush level 1 ; Disruption web level 1
Level 28 - Acid Arrow level 3
Level 29 - Rocket Launcher level 2
Level 30 - Wolf Rush level 2
Level 31 - Rocket Launcher level 3
Level 32 - Hallucination level 3 ; Bird Watching level 3
Level 33 - Wolf Rush level 3
Level 34 - Netbind level 3 (level 1 to 3)
Level 35 - Bird Watching level 4
Level 36 - Wolf Rush level 4
Level 37 - Hallucination level 4
Level 38 - Bird Watching level 5 ; Hallucination level 5
Level 39 - Wolf Rush level 5
Level 40 - Save skill point

Netbind as level 3 is enough, 4 sec stuck is sufficient than 6 sec, although 6 sec is better, due to the lack of skill point, save at level 40. Can take out disruption web and acid arrow to level 2 (25 SP saved). Equals to 45SP when level 40 if follow this paragraph.

Or if you want to learn netbind to level 5, its better if you are advancing to trapper, due to the fact we can use a short or infinite stunlock if luck is on our side. Netbind > 5th second then Freeze trap on foe (if successful) > Netbind as the cooldown finishes > Bounce Trap at the 5th second > AAS > Arrow Shower > Repeat process

================================================== =======
2.5 Combo-ing and Tactics
================================================== =======

Normal standard combo that everyone should know.

1st combo : Arrow Shower + Wolf Rush = 13 hits of miniature stun with fall, use it for unlaunchable enemies
2nd combo : Launch with AAS-ing > shootdown at point blank and AAS again > Relaunch and AAS again > repeat shootdown and continue.
3rd combo : Arrow Shower > Netbind when they got stunned > Multishot at behind > Acid Arrow + Book > Rising shot/Rocket Launcher > AAS till death.

Ok, for PvP. You have to practice more for yourself. Engage in 1v1-ing with a caliber of your skills. Do not use normal launch and play mindlessly.

There are 2 types of tactic that you can use, Offensive or Defensive.

Offensive in PvP, is to engage in your foe with more brawns than brains. You have to forecast the job's and the user's weakness before engaging, otherwise the foe would just counterstrike. Proceed with caution.

You will have to use these following style. Use acid arrow and book to stun him temporarily, then proceed to launch and AAS. Of course, if you are fighting in team, do not ever persist on killing if the other few/one foe try to lock you or burst your health. Get out when you spot some foe, that will means a win-win situation for health.

Defensive in PvP, when your foe are too strong or you are outnumbered (your teammate leaves or die), you will use this 3 skills primarily - Wolf Rush, Multishot, and Acid Arrow. When you are outnumbered, the foe will chase you and try to devour you. You must take precaution and try to run away from them by dashing. Cast multishot always when you are far from them, there may be a chance they may follow your trap, and deal some damage. Continue it. If the foe is too close and he may use a range attack to strike, use wolf rush at the right time (Autolock remember? You gotta wait him to step to ground and strike and run). You can use acid arrow to stop his dash naturally. Wolf and Acid are instantaneous.

You should practice your mind skills more, focus on defensive or offensive when you know the right time, the right foe.

PvP Allies
Knight - When they stunlock, do not ever launch them, sure, acid them, multishot them anything, but never launch them, because all their skill are ground based, and you can disrupt their combo.

Gladiators - Always let them go first, due to having thick armor and hp. They cannot chain lock, so whatever they launch, you gotta AAS them, because storm blade is the combo only to keep them occupied. Of course, they have stumblebum, pick one weak foe from it if he stuns and kill him.

Hunters - Keep using autolock skills like arrow shower to double stun an enemy, and launch and AAS together.

Rangers - Pair well together by yourself using autolock skills, then let the ranger either go first to gatling to immobilize any enemy and launch them up to AAS together. Archers are like that usually.

Assassins - They have daggers and swift attack, try yourself to lure foes away and let the assassin swift attack as a start with cloak, then quickly ambush them with autolock skills while assassin helps you to Aerial Frenzy the launched foe when you launch them, to keep the combo going before foe comes, then escape and sin proceeds to dagger as usual.

Jesters - Your not-so-good friends in terms of comboing, but they have an autolock, don't launch any foe when they use final decision and rolling stinger. If any jester uses Upper screwdriver, then proceed to AAS. When they stunlock someone, use netbind +multishot combo to deal more damage and have more chance to stop them from running.

Battlemages - They are weak in hp and defense, you should let them cast blizzard and ball lightning combo, if it hits someone, dont launch them, instead net them if you can, otherwise use multishot to inflict them. You launch, they fall, they roll and escape from that combo most likely. When they freeze someone, just spam whatever you got, even launch (but you can't launch them)

Acolyte - Same as battlemages style, when aco use freezer, spam whatever you got. BUT, if they use witch's curse to frog them, never ever hit, it will dispel the frog effect. They can support you with healing too. Acolyte are the best support class in PvP.

PvP Foes

Knights - NEVER go close to them, otherwise they will be a beast to you, and stunlock like no tomorrow. They have impervion, which TRY to avoid when they cast it, you will never launch them. Last 10 sec for level 1, 14 sec for level 2, and so on, their cooldown is 2x of their duration, make use of that. Revenge, beware for their reflect. They are not as beastly for teams.
Foe difficulty : 4.5/5 in 1v1, 3/5 in team

Gladiators - Well, they are beast too in 1v1, if they know how to use, sure they can't chain, but they unleash a seriously painful combo which only few knows (Ask Resenda for that if you want anyway). In team, they can be a good supporter by having autolock skills and storm blade for keeping AAS-ing matters, if there is an archer, just wait for your death if there is a glad + hunter team, unless you are a pro and you can counter it.
Foe difficulty : 3.5/5 in 1v1, 3.5/5 in team

Rangers - Easy peasy guys in 1v1, but watch out for their gatling rush, because after it they will launch you and merry goes round with their homing missile. Nothing to say much here. Watch out in team, where they whip out their gatling rush against your teammate, dont hope too much.
Foe difficulty : 2.5/5 in 1v1, 3.5/5 in team

Hunters - Your mirrorself, what will you do? When they hallucination, you run. When they use autolock skill, use that at them too instead of running. You have to learn your foe's weakness for this. In team, they are considered deadly if used properly.
Foe difficulty : 4/5 in 1v1, 4/5 in team

Assassins - Your nemesis, they cloak and burrow, they swift attack you, dagger you and rocket punch you outta nowhere. They can be deadly in 1v1, although no chains, but their dagger hurts every 2sec, and worse still, they are autolockable. Don't arrow shower, they will throw a dagger most likely. Instead, wolf rush them or acid them, then relaunch or shootdown to shoot a low relaunch. tl;dr : don't get too close to them. In team, they aren't that good unfortunately. Waste their MP if you cannot take them on.
Foe difficulty : 4/5 in 1v1, 3/5 in team

Jesters - Well, not really your nemesis, but they can rocket punch and create a lock. Just don't get too close to them, and all will be fine, except evade for rocket punch. In team, they pack a punch.
Foe difficulty : 3/5 in 1v1, 4/5 in team

Battlemages - Annoying. As. Ever. even in 1v1. Beware of their bliz bl combo. Hard to estimate that. In team, they possess a deadly devour of that combo + healing slow heals to teammates... Kill them asap if you can, otherwise, waste their mana with mana shield, making them useless.
Foe difficulty : 3.5/5 in 1v1, 4/5 in team

Acolytes - Annoying. As. Ever. More worse than battlemages, they get support, they get omg speed for diffusion cannon, they get lol much heals, and many more. In 1v1, just do not hesitate to take them off asap, otherwise it will get worse when your mp is draining while their stays the same. In team, ALWAYS down them first, because of their annoying heals. Trust me on this. Beware for their frog curse and freezer.
Foe difficulty : 4/5 in 1v1, 4/5 in team

================================================== =======
3.1 F.A.Q(s)
================================================== =======

None as for now, nobody asked for it XD

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