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Default The Two Paths of Archers

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Short Introduction of myself.

I'm a Singaporean (Not going to reveal my name anyway), 14 years old this year, currently studying in a normal secondary school in the express stream. I'm a ballista (Delufyre level 48) and a hunter (Delubi level 28) in Dragonica of the world Elga.

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Table of Updating list
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22/11/09 - Added minor description to skills.
27/10/09 - Created Trapper's Section, incomplete yet as for now. (Alpha build)
26/10/09 - New thread from Delufyre's Guide to Ranger + Ballista ; Created hunter and some other new section. Major revamp.

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Table of Content [Post by Post]
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Post #1 - Introduction and Archer's Guide(This post)
Post #2 - Hunter's Guide
Post #3 - Trapper's Guide
Post #4 - Ranger's Guide
Post #5 - Ballista's Guide
Post #6 - Training Spots from level 1 - level 5x
Post #7 - Credits

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Table of Content [Archer's Guide]
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Part 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
1.1 Why should you choose an archer?
1.2 Skill Point Allocation before level 19
1.3 Choosing your 2nd job with details.

Part 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
2.1 F.A.Q(s) [Apparently nothing unless someone asked me some questions]

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1.1 Why should you choose an archer?
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Archer is one of the four main primary job you get to choose in character creation. Archer, although cannot whip out much combo due to the fact they relies on Anti-air shooting most of the time, and have not much style in combo-ing a nice combo, but the anti-air shot (refer as AAS), pawns almost every skill in terms of speed and sadistic.

Recommended requirements to be an archer :
  • Most importantly : Having a good computer and a good graphic card, so that your anti-air shot owns
  • Agile and quick
  • Love ranged classes
  • A moderate training curve (Not so hard, and not so easy to train)
  • Love being sadist in PvP, seeing people getting owned by your AAS

If your computer cannot support good AAS, (An average good AAS shoots about 6-7 hits per second, while a godlike one shoots about 8-9 hits per second), when your AAS shoots like 1-4 per second, you will LOSE out alot, so you should consider to...
  • Buy a new computer, or upgrade or what so ever
  • Change to another class

Unless you want to suffer for your archer life.

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1.2 Skill Point Allocation before level 19
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Your first journey starts at some swamped with forest area. Blah blah... Lets skip that, you will learn all those tutorial when you know. I forgot those default button... So skip that =P

I will give you a rough explanation of each skill. I will not go into details, too much.

Moonwalk Level 0/1

Slide backwards

Useless as it seem, doesn't give you any benefit, you can just walk behind. No explanation needed.

Even if you train till high, its useless.

Moonwalk Shot Level 0/1

Shoot when sliding

Useless when you don't learn moonwalk. Just throws a weak arrow that spout to 5 foes.

Rising Shot level 5/5 (1/5 for hunters, 3/5 for rangers at higher level)

Launch up foes to skies

Max this if you can, its our only launching skill (besides shootdown) to use anti-air shot.

At higher levels, you will still use this as an primary skill to launch for rangers, while hunters usually use rocket launcher after level 31.

Anti-air Shot level 5/5

Penetrate arrows to the air to hit foes

Max this. Our most useful skill even reaching to 3rd job. We can't live without it. Really. Your life of an archer, 90% of the damage comes from AAS.

Double Shot level 1/5 (0/5 at higher levels)

Shoot 2 arrows quickly

Use this to have another spare attack for unlaunchable foes or etc. At higher levels, you won't have much use for hunters due to spammable skills, while rangers may want to add level 1 or leave it as none due to the long cooldown of their skills.

Shootdown level 1/1

Launch foes slightly with arrow in midair suspension

A good skill in PvP even in the future. Use this to strike foe in point blank to launch and AAS quickly. Shoot 3 arrows by the way. In PvP, when foe jump in mid-air, you can just jump > shootdown to get the foe into launched stats and AAS frenzy.

Multishot level 5/5

Charge up your bow and inflict with multiple arrow to foes

A bossing skill. Use this in point blank to strike maximum potential damage at level 5 with 7 arrows. Can be used effectively at PvP if you know how to.

Relaunch level 0/5 (1/5 if you PvP)

Launch ground foes to air with a trampoline kick

Useless at early levels, master launching before going this, anyway focus on other skill rather than this. In PvP, you can launch foe after they fall, though the chances are less, due to immediate roll after fall.

Bow Mastery level 5/5

Increase bow damage

Good skill at early level, increase 90 dmg for level 5. Ups a lot really. At later level, it will start to lose it's potential since the bow you used increases damage per 5 levels.

Rapid Step level 0/5

Increase movement Speed

You don't go to PvP, and neither you need a fast speed at early levels. In future, either a ranger or hunter, you may add if you want.

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1.3 Choosing your 2nd job with details.
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Alright, straight to the point. Ranger is an early gamer while hunter is a late gamer. Ranger primarily focuses on burst damage while suffers from long cooldown and Hunter focuses on constant damage while suffers from severe weakness at early levels.

Ranger's Pro and Con

Have great skills, better than hunters
Burst damage
Fun class to play (Machinery)
Challenging class to take on for challenging players

Long cooldown
No autolock skills
Having a sucky late gamer

Hunter's Pro and Con

Have many autolock skills
Constant damage
Highest movement speed for the whole 8 classes
Spammable skills

Autolock skills follows a special (weaker) formula
Weak at early games
Set equipment are expensive and ugly

Decide which class you want to play, because it will be hard to change after your advancement.

Archer > Hunter > Trapper (The late gamers)


Archer > Ranger > Ballista (The early gamers)

Hunter < Ranger in moderate difference ; Ballista < Trappers in very big difference

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2.1 F.A.Q(s)
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None for now =P

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