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miyasha will become famous soon enough
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here's mine:

Code Geass - Shirley; maybe its because i skipped half of the first sesson(way before r2 came out), just can/couldnt seem to stand that girl sorry :/ and yes i do sorta like Rolo *orders coffin*

Death Note - Light and Mello used to creap me out..alot << a rare thing to happen in anime to me

Clannad - that girl with the start fish's "give away"(Fuku was it?) was too annoying/repetitive for my taste >_<

Yu-gi-oh - Kaiba; how much money/arrugant can you get?

Guren Lagann - that Clown/Mime looking guy. where the heck did he came from? o_o

Inuyasha - Kikiyo; will it kill you to just stay dead?!

meh can think anyone else for now...