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Originally Posted by Strikegundam
WZC was in the dream gacha with a bunch of AS awhile ago, and it is gone. Also another way to get WZC plan is from that red, green,yellow gacha machine, but the chance of you getting it..well let's just say i have never seen anyone getting the plan from the machine...
Justice and the plan was from several web gacha machines and also available in red, green,yellow gacha machine. As I said, the chance are rare, but it is not as rare as WZC plan.
If the chance of you getting WZC plan is 0.01%, getting Justice or plan will be 0.05%...
Have fun trying to get your Justice or WZC
is the chance really that low? My cousin rolled 5 times and got 1 justice plan 1 providence plan. O.o

I rolled today and got a providence plan. I tried to get w0c but no luck. I also tried 5 times.