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i didnt like pressing a hotkey to talk everytime, especially cause i do other work while i skype, and i never really worried about conference room participant limitation cause I never really had a room with more then 4 active ppl.

The "talking over each other" thing, i dont remember constantly talking on the mic, ever. (especially to the point of letting no one have the oppurtunity to speak up) And its usually common manners to not have anything blasting in the background of your mic either, theres a mute button for that. If you're talking about conference call time limits, i've never knew of any since some of my conference calls are open for a week.

I'll consider vent as a main voice chat program once we get more than 5+ ppl actively talking in room/channel.

-multiple ppl over 5+ with active talk.
-efficient team gameplay communications
-depending on what you're doing, light weight vent will be the best choice for RAM efficiency (depending on pc specs, it can mean less lag)
-good for FPS games.
-I usually get on Steam for FPS, but for games like BF2142 which is non steam sponsored, i use vent, since i need it for fast squad communication(10+ members).

-text chat, voice chat avg. of 4 members in room
-file transfers i do from time to time.
-cleaner radio broadcast
-I know how to do more audio modding on skype than vent.
-a lot more friendlier GUI built for new mic users.
-also friendly for ppl who have to ninja at night due to family reasons, etc.
-most of my friends from college are on here either for just talking, or homework reasons. I like to be available for friends.
-you dont have to deal with random trolls like vent does.
-friendly to ppl who dont have a mic due to computer issues, money issues, etc.
-you can setup hotkeys for talking on mics.

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