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Originally Posted by NoeJeko
To clarify Shiki's post:

You cannot pull from other guides. If we find out you have plagiarized any portion of your guide or "borrowed" with citation you will be disqualified. This event is your guide -- not your interpretation of other guides.

Think about it. If you wrote a guide and some other person took parts of yours and won something, would you be upset? Probably. Don't be that guy.
Sorry if I didn't wrote clearly, my interpretation skill is still not as clear.

For the first part, I did not borrow any one else's guide except mines only. I would want to take my guide purely only, and ctrl-c everything in my guide and paste it into here. Is this allowed?

Well, for the last part, I would be a little upset though, but as from above, I would be just taking my own guide.

I asked this because I need some clarification from you, because whether my guide can be taken from there, and saves me some trouble for writing another one. If this is allowed, do I need to use my IAHForums nick to post about my participation for here to affirm this I'm not plagiarizing any of my fellow friend's guide? (and post a screenshot for proof anyway?)

Sorry if I gave you some trouble anyway. (I know my above points are repeating again @_@)

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