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O.O I have been thinking about this for a LONG time srsly.....a LONG time! any ways these are the jobs I have come up with so far....


Lire: Pro Archery *

Arme: Tennis *

Lass:Oplimpic Sprinting *

Ryan:Lumber jack (i dont think thats a sport but.....XD)


Amy: Singer


Well thats all I got for make some suggjestions!

BUT! please don't ANY and srsly I mean ANYONE copy this idea for thier own...I mean it plz! but if you do go spreading it around put that is was my idea......not the chars though....and all that other stuff......I just made up the jobs......Ok? Thanks

Oh yay one more thing ryan fans don't come to my house with pitch forks and torches just because ryans job kills nature......(because i know i messed up on that......)

EDIT: if a job has a * by it that means it was not my idea.....^.^

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