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Default Magician > Acolyte > Oracle Guide

Hi..Im just a normal player in Elga server with job Warrior. But I played before my fren's id with job Oracle, so I can give you guyz some guide. This thread will giving information base on my own experience. Hope it will be helpful!
__________________________________________________ _________________

Leveling Guide from Lv 1 - Lv 60
[MM = Mission Map]

Lv 1 - Lv 5 Big Bad Wolf(MM)
Map : North Windia Plain.
You are new, so try to get familiar with your key setting before start your hunting.
You are a range attack job, so try to dash and hit the boss in range.

Lv 5 - Lv 10 Vega Wolf(MM)
Map : Windia flats.
Finish Big Bad Wolf Hero Quest only proceed to Vega Wolf. This will be not hard in party because you are range attack job.
There got 2 boss in the boss map. 1 mini boss and 1 big boss. Becareful.

Lv 10 - Lv 15 Tutu(MM)
Map : West Traitorís Ridge.
Continue finish the Hero Quest only proceed to Tutu. If you got party members willing to tank, you just spam attack on it.

Lv 15 - Lv 20 Toto(MM)
Map : East Traitorís Ridge.
Make sure you done your Hero Quest before proceed to next.
This boss is harder then Tutu because it will spinning arround 5-6 seconds non-stop. You are range attack job, so this is not a problem, but also must becareful.
Use your reset skill scroll in Lv 19. Try to reset your skill in lv 19 with 80+ - 90+% experience.

Job Change

Reached Lv 20. Time to change job!
Go to Port of Wind and look for Edeline. [Beside the Equipments Merchant]
Try to get a party to kill faster when doing the quest for job change.

Lv 20 - Lv25 White Tooth Shark(MM)
Map: Bearded Whale Coast.
Try to get jester in party to make the mission finish faster.

Lv 25 - Lv 30 Alvinda(MM)
Map: Steven Port.
Nothing special. But careful with the crabs that cant be knocked up. Try to concentrate on your party members's life. Heal them in time.

Lv 30 - Lv 35 Artis(MM)
Map: Mirinae Santuary.
Acolyte are welcome because you are a helper. Same, concentrate on your party member's life.

Lv 35 - Lv 40 Bahamole(MM) [] Chaos White Tooth Map [] Sambaba(MM)
Map: Candescent Cavern, Chaos Bearded Whale Coast, Valid Raeth.
Try to leveling in Bahamole because there can get lv 40 set items. Sambaba also not bad. But lv 35 to lv 40 are the most boring stage. Cheer!!
__________________________________________________ _______________

You reached lv 40? Job Change again!! Haha!
1. Complete your Hero Quest until you reach Farrell Dairy. Talk to Pablo on Libra.
2. Kill Sambaba MM F5 and get Sealed Door Key.
3. Talk to Pablo to complete the quest and get another quest call Lavalon Revival.
4. Ask some 4x 5x or 6x to help you kill lavalon by party them.
5. Go back to Pablo and complete the quest.
6. Make 200 combos at Smoldering Swamp.
7. Find Pablo to complete quest.
And now you are Oracle!
Try to get party in channel 1 for Lavalon! Many ppl hunting there also!

Lv 40 - Lv 45 Sambaba(MM) [] Chaos Hero Descent
Map : Valid Raeth, Chaos Hero Descent.
Sambaba is the best for leveling. If you want to get some weapon powder to sell, go to Hidden Map for hunting DSS to exchange Chaos Hero Descent scroll and Shield of the Void and go for Chaos Hero Descent.

Lv 45 - Lv 50 Sambaba(MM) [] Chaos Hero Descent [] Bubo(MM)
Map : Valid Raeth, Chaos Hero Descent, Forgotten Forest.
Try to get some + accuracy items if you want to solo and camp inside the Bubo MM. Go to F4 to camp inside the Bubo MM boss Map without touching the Boss.
Try to get party and go in for camp because oracle hard to solo inside.

Lv 50 - Lv 55 Bubo MM [] Chaos Smoldering Swamp
Map : Forgotten Forest, Chaos Smoldering Swamp.
Same. Get a party is easier for oracle, especially in CSS. You need accuracy items.

Lv 55 - Lv 60 Bubo MM [] Chaos Smoldering Swamp
Map : Forgotten Forest, Chaos Smoldering Swamp.
Nothing special. Just the same! But becareful, try not to die!

__________________________________________________ _______________

Skill Adding Guide!!
Im using this skill build now, for me it is useful.. Hope it useful for you too!
__________________________________________________ _______________

Feel tired in Leveling? Time to PVP
Oracle nice to pvp in 1 on 1 game and also team game. But hard to against Archer job. Because their Evade rate high and once they launch you on air, 70% you will die! So try to hide or use Witch Curse on archer job and also Paladin.

PVP useful combo!
1 on 1 : Witch Curse > Flasher > Normal Attack > Witch Curse > Flasher > Normal Attack!!
Try to run away and heal yourself when Hp getting lower and lower!

Team Battle : Witch Curse to Archer Job , Paladin [IMPORTANT] .. Help teammate to freeze enermies by using Flasher and Heal teammate when needed!

Do 50 Hero Quest to get Legendary Hero Medal [ Atk speed 4% + Movement speed 4% ]. Useful for Oracle. Try hunt Chaos Captain White Tooth to get White Tooth Helm [Option : 20% atk speed].!!

If you want to be helper Oracle : Get Vit and Int option for your equip! Vit make your HP higher and your healing will be higher!

If you want to be attack Oracle : Get Agi and Int option for your equip! Agi make your attack speed faster , higher accuracy , higher critical rate.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Money Earning Guide!
Dismantle all the equip and weapon below 1g!
Sell to player 1k cash or 95-100g per stack of soul! [1 stack of soul = 999]

Selling Weapon, Equipment, Accesories
Sell weapon , equipment and accesories that above 1g
Sell weapon , equipment and accesories that with good option after unsealed to players with reasonable prices.

Other Informations

Hero Quest
Hero Quests List - Dragonica Official Forum

Advanture Quest
Adventure Quests List - Dragonica Official Forum

Thanks for looking my post! I will accept feedback. Feel free to ask question, I will try my best to answer!

THANKS Wills for giving ideals!

IGN : DontChopMe
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