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Default Thief > Jester > Harlequin Guide

Hai Wills here, Im currently playing IAHgames in Elga Server with level 60 harlequin. So everything is base on my own experiences! i hope my guides really help!
Nevertheless, Lets get started!
Ops.. before you start this game.. lets learn abit basic control,

Offical IAHgames Website
Dragonica Official Website

Basic Controlling
Dragonica Official Website
Dragonica Official Website
You can vist more information in the official website for basic controlling.Try to set your own key ^^

************************************************** *******************************

Basic leveling from level 1 to 60

Level 1 to 5 Big Bad Wolf(MM)
Map : North Windia Plain
Notes : Since you are new here, try to get familiar with your key setting before you start hunting. If you are a veteran player, just go to Big Bad Wolf Mission Map. Remember! complete your Hero Quest to proceed the next one. The Red QuestionMark one is Hero Quest.
Combos : Use Air Combo Launch > Aerial Frenzy or Cutdown > Aerial Frenzy. The best way to level up.
Boss Killing : Try to hit and run if you are soloing the Big Bad Wolf. Avoid the howl !
Addition Media : Videos on Thief, Jester Skills!

The Basic to learn how to combo. ( This video doesn't belong to me )

Level 5 to 10 Vega Wolf MM
Map : Windia flats
Notes : Finish the Hero Quest from Big Bad Wolf MM and proceed to the next one, Vega MM. This part would be harder if you are not range classes. Plus, Every Big Bad Wolf MM have a mini boss that is Big Bad Wolf, so beware donít get trapped by the bites.
Requires : if you are not good in control your character yet, make sure to hunt some apple before you go inside Vega Wolf MM, cause the boss are quite strong for a beginner, especially melees classes.
Combos : Use Air Combo Launch > Aerial Frenzy or Cutdown > Aerial Frenzy.
Boss Killing : This time got two Bosses, mini and the big one, so watch out don't get trapped into two fangs!

Level 10 to 15 Tutu MM
Map : West Traitorís Ridge
Notes : Continue with your Hero Quest after Vega Wolf MM at Windia Flats.
Requires : The boss are pretty easy to dodge if you know the moves, but The Mini boss Vega Wolf is with the Tutu, so better watch out for the bites which kill you if you still not skillful to Roll.
Combos : Use Air Combo Launch > Aerial Frenzy or Cutdown > Aerial Frenzy.
Boss Killing : Same as the two previous boss, hit and run. If you a party or someone are willing to tank for you, just spam air combo launch when not spinning. Rocket punch, hold Z for range.

Level 15 to 20 Toto MM
Map : East Traitorís Ridge
Notes : Make sure you done every Hero Quest before you process to the next!
Requires: This boss is Tens times harder than Tutu since their spinning last around 5-6 seconds. So beware donít get close to them if you saw their hands twisted. Is easier to fight this Boss with Grapes that have instant Heal, or try not to move when you got trapped or else pray for survive or someone heals you ><
Reset at level 19: I advise you to reset your skill tree at lv19 with 8x% up so you wonít waste the cash reset scroll.
Boss Killing : This Boss abit tricky, try not to go near them when they are spinning. Hit and run and only do range skills when he started to spin.

************************************************** *******************************

Job Changes

Now this is it ! the Time to Change your Job!
1. Go to Port of Winds to look for Cyndi (Above the building South east) make sure you pick the right one.
2. Kill monster at Bearded White Coast. (You can find this map at Port Of Winds) Key N
3. Then talk to her again and do F2 White Tooth Shark MM. Location is at Bearded White Coast.
4. Lastly, talk to her again and do F4 at White Tooth Shark MM.

And now congratulation you are officially a JESTER!
Suggestion : is better to ask for help at channel 1 cause party kills faster so why not ><

Videos on Jester,Harlequin Skills!

check this every time you are bored to keep motivates you.

************************************************** *******************************

Level 20 to 25 White Tooth Shark MM
Map: Bearded White Coast
Notes : This Map is much more easier than Toto since the Boss canít trap you to dead, but still beware the hook of WT!
Combos : Use Rolling Stinger when the monster is 5 or below, cause low level RS might cause you dead! So remember, try not to rush all by yourself until you get Final Decision and Upper Screwdriver for fast clearing.
Boss Killing : Nothing special to know about this boss, just watch out from the hook, hit and run.

Level 25 to 30 Alvinda MM
Map: Steven Port
Notes : Nothing Special about this map, just watch out those Crabs than cant knock up, cause they can stop your combos might as well as dead! Bosses are quite easy, as long you dodge the Magic Skills
Combos : Use FD> UC > Air Combo.
Boss Killing : Same as WT. Just watch out the magic fish skills.

Level 30 to 35 Artis MM
Map: Mirinae Santuary
Notes: Jester are welcome on PVE, so no worries on kicking. ^^
Combos : always run up and down(KeyBoard) to avoid Monster Damage when using FD UC.
Boss Killing : Almost the same, hit and run and so on..

Level 35 to 40 Artis MM, Bahamole MM, Chaos White Tooth Map, Sambaba MM
Map: Mirinae Santuary, Candescent Cavern, Chaos White Tooth, Valid Raeth
Notes: Here goes ~_~ boring part cause there is not where like Artis maps. Either to go Dangerous Mecca or do your Hero Quest at Candescent Cavern. Or hunt Some Devil SoulStone. Or you try to party some level 4x on Valid Raeth, make sure you can hit those monster.
Boss Killing : For the Bahamole MM, stay close to them so you wont get any hits. For the Sambaba, watch out the poison gases and bouncy attack, is annoying for jester to break their skill and cant deal any damage.

************************************************** *******************************

Hey hey.. you reached 40 yet? Is time for Job Change again !

1. Complete your Hero Quest until you reach Farrell Dairy. Talk to Pablo on Libra.
2. Kill Sambaba MM F5 and get Sealed Door Key.
3. Talk to Pablo to complete the quest and get another quest call Lavalon Revival.
4. Ask some 4x 5x or 6x to help you kill lavalon by party them.
5. Go back to Pablo and complete the quest.
6. Make 200 combos at Smoldering Swamp.
7. Find Pablo to complete quest.
And now congratulation you are officially a Harlequin!
Suggestion : is better to ask for help at channel 1 lavalon cause many people hunting it too.

************************************************** *******************************

Level 40 to 45 Sambaba MM, Chaos Hero Descent, Barlok Lair
Map : Valid Raeth, Chaos Hero Descent, Barlok Lair
Notes : SBB is the best map to train while 4x, if you want earn some weapon powder, go Barlok Lair (Hidden scroll drop by SBB) to hunt some DSS to go Chaos Hero Descent.
Combos : Just Normal FD > UC is fine. RS when the mobs less than 8
Boss Killing : Chaos Hero Descent are similiar with Mirinae Santuary, so just kill the monster like you did at Artis MM.

Level 45 to 50 Sambaba MM, Chaos Hero Descent, Bubo MM
Map : Valid Raeth, Chaos Hero Descent, Forgotten Forest
Notes : If you are bored with SBB, you start camping at F4 Bubo MM, Killing the monster without touching the Bubo. Exp is quite good there.
Requires: You need some decent Accuracy Equips to hit the Bubo F4 Maps.
Combos : Wow! Windmill level 3, that means you can move when you cast the dance! FD > UC > Windmill
Boss Killing : Bring 1 people to tank the Bubo by standing on right side while the other do the combos.

Level 50 to 55 Bubo MM, Chaos Smoldering Swamp, Muddy Mire
Map : Forgotten Forest, Chaos Smoldering Swamp, Muddy Mire, Forest of Illusion, Basement
Notes : Bubo for level , CSS are good for leveling as well the drops of Weapon Powder and Equips. Muddy Mire, Forest of illusion, basement is a good place to hunt DSS(Hidden Map). For the CSS, you can find party by buddy,Guildmate. The training spot is on go to the bottom right map of the CSS. You will found a two horizontal line training spot, thatís the way to share EXP.
Requires : You need some decent Accuracy Equips to hit the CSS monster.
Combos : FD > UC > Windmill or FD > UC or FD > UC > Aerial Kick and so on..
Boss Killing : Don't kill the Bubo, just clear the monster on the F4 Bubo Map cause the EXP are high and the Bubo only stick to one place.

Level 55 to 60 Bubo MM, Chaos Smoldering Swamp, Muddy Mire
Map : Forgotten Forest, Chaos Smoldering Swamp, Muddy Mire, Forest of Illusion, Basement
Notes : A new Place for leveling, get some member that willing to spare you the EXP Pot at Grand Hall, bring them to earn EXP for you ! The rest are quite same.
Requires : You need some decent Accuracy Equips to hit the CSS monster.
Combos : FD > UC > Aerial Kick are good skill to continue your chain combo!
Boss Killing : No boss other than Bubo, CSS, Muddy Mire doesn't require to kill any boss.

Level 60 to 65 Chaos Smoldering Swamp, Chaos Ocher Forest
Map :
Notes : Stay CSS if you wanted to earn more money for lv65 Weapon, COF is place that leech Cash Exp Pot if you use it.
Requires : You need some decent Accuracy Equips to hit the CSS monster and COF. 200+ for cof lv60.
Combos : FD > UC > Aerial Kick are good skill to continue your chain combo!
Boss Killing : No boss other than Bubo, CSS, Muddy Mire doesn't require to kill any boss.

************************************************** *******************************

For Level 1 to 19 Skill Adding
Dragonica Official Website
Remember to Reset at level 19 around 9x% ! the Cash Reset scroll is from the Boxes 0000

For Level 20 to 40 Skill Adding
Dragonica Official Website
rocket punch is just for pvp, you can skip it if you donít want to pvp.
If you want to save up the level 40 reset scroll, just follow my build up here.

For Level 40 to 60 Skill Adding (PVP)
Im Using this build now, is not perfect, but effective for me More in PVP

For Level 40 to 60 Skill Adding (PVE)
PVE Build, im more in pvp, so i didn't add those skills ><

************************************************** *******************************

After Grinding so much, are you tired? It is Time for PVP~

Harlequin doesnít have block, and high evade like Trapper, Paladin, Ninja. Maybe evade but not that effective, basically just aim for VIT stats is the best cause the chances you survive can assist your teammate to kill.
In addition, Harlequin are more in Team PVP style, they have a lot of disadvantages in 1 on 1 so I prefer you to play on team PVP.

What Combo can I use in PVP ?

You can start off with..
Rocket Punch > FD > RS > FD > UC > and so on..
Provoke > FD > RS > FD > and so on..
Dash+Jump > Aerial Kick > UC > Judge Dread > FD > so on..
Final Decision > RS > FD > so on..
WindMill > FD > so on..
Dash > Cutdown > so on.. risky one ><

For the Set, im wearing 5 Howling Jester Set with 10.5% acc, and elluman crown (Try to Look for SBB Helm with vit 11 is the best ). For me, the most effective set is acc, cause once you miss, you cant even combo or go for leveling. For the Gem I picked all acc as well as my cape with 9.8% acc.

There is other opinion to pick that is 3:3 Sets, 3 Superia Sets, 3 Jester Sets which give you 38+ 26% critical rate and high agi. Cri boost your damage by 2, so this set should give you more damage than normally you do.

Those two are the best I can pick cause what I think the most effective only two.
From my point of view, acc = kill high level monster, PVP high evade like trapper,ninja.
For 3:3 sets is more in DPS, Clear fast. But 3:3 sets normally have misses on high lv monster.

************************************************** *******************************

Money Problem?

Sell Soul
1. Dismantle all the equipment and weapon below 1g.
2. Sell all the soul either in 1k cash per stack or 100g per stack.
Save Potion
1. Use Instant Potion whenever you receive
2. Always buy level 20 potion that heal 300 mp.
Sell weapon, equipments, sets
1. Sell weapon to NPC above 1g
2. Sell equipments to players
3. Sell Sets to players

[Guide] The Merchant Trader - Dragonica Official Forum
A Good Guide teach you how to use Trade in Game.

Dont ask why, cause im doing this and it makes me keep grinding without money problem.
Remember! if you want to be rich, always check the market price!

************************************************** *******************************

What should i Wear?

Nothing much to say, if you are rich just go for 3:3 Flame Sets, Superia Sets.

For what i seen, me myself doesn't wear set until I'm level 54.
Cause Sets are SoulBound upon Wearing! you can't Resell it !

So just get some random equips with agi for acc, or vit for pvp for survive longer.

For the necklace,earring,rings and belt, the best option is to wear ACC to help you lvling on high level monster plus PVP high evade Trapper,Ninja,Ballista!

For Level 54 Jester Sets and Level 47 Superia Sets ( 3:3 Sets)

For Level 54 Howling Jester Sets ( Accuracy Base)

Shortcuts that had been used in IAHgamers

MM = Mission Map
WT = White Tooth Shark
POW = Port of Winds
SBB = Sambaba
Lava = Lavalon
Owl = Bubo MM at Forgotten Forest
CHD = Chaos Hero Descent
CSS = Chaos Smoldering Swamp
DSS = Devil SoulStone
WP = Weapon Powder
AP = Armor Powder
Wep = Weapon
Equ = Equipment, Equips
RS = Rolling Stinger
FD = Final Decision
UC = Upper Screwdriver
Gem = Earring, Necklace, Ring
Acc = Accuracy
Vit = vitality
Str = strength
Int = intelligent
Agi = agility
3:3 = 3 superia sets, 3 jester sets
DPS = damage per seconds
NPC = Non-Player Character
Neck = Necklace

************************************************** *******************************

Communication skills (i guess you can skip this)

Always Respect other so other will respect you.
Always Help each other they might help back you.
Always avoid hackers, botter so people will party you.
Always Chat whenever you free to gain information from others.
Always Say Thank you whenever you got helped from others.
Always Say Sorry when you afk without giving any note to others.

****************************************************** ***************************

For More Resources
For Hero Quest
Hero Quests List - Dragonica Official Forum

For Advance Quest
Adventure Quests List - Dragonica Official Forum

For Combo achievement
Getting S rank for instances - Dragonica Official Forum

For Medal Info ( In Name of The Guild is the best for me )
[Guide] Medals and stats - Dragonica Official Forum

Iahgames forum ID = Willies
In Game Name (Elga) = Wills
/ggftw = Wills

Thank for looking at my post, Everything written by me a.k.a Wills
Feel free to drop a hello or question, i try my best to answer you.

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