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Originally Posted by Fuzzy
Sucks you base it off a MAGE and not a SUMMONER. 2 completely different jobs. I can tell you right now, I have level 1 magic missile, but level 7 lasher. You probably tested with level 7 missile and level 1 lasher.

Also, I'm hitting 500-800 now with lasher. Its great when a monster is stunned by your summon and you whip them both. Damage + Buff
Sucks you base it off a SUMMONER, when I was basing it off a mage.

I'l have you know my Lasher was only a level lower than my Magic missile when I said that.

Even if lasher did aroudn the same damage, I'd still pick magic missile because it's got bigger range, and it's more spamable than lasher.

Yeah, lasher is better than magic missile if you're a summoner, but it'd be best to go with magic missile instead of lasher as a mage.

Yeah, lasher buffs your summons.
So what?
Only summon you can get as a mage is panzer, and he's not really all that much help at low levels.

Originally Posted by lee12
should i become a SUMMONER or not because if not i thinking about going

darkness if summoner is good what skill should i get

I never played as a summoner, but in my opinion they look boring.
Mind you, I've only seen summoners as high as level 20 so far, don't know if they get fun later on.

As for goign 'darkness', you mean elementalist with dark magic?

Wouldn't you normally get at least one magic with different elements?

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