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Fayt is just really niceFayt is just really niceFayt is just really niceFayt is just really niceFayt is just really nice
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Originally Posted by LilPhenyl
1) Found a mouth peach urn from the first one I killed.
2) Getting two wind/water elementals (high durability too) for 1m each, then combining them and sold them for 3m/3.5m. >.>
3) Finding Barry. AKA: the only other person to know about Ar Tonelico in Latale- AKA: Someone I can annoy because he's always on! He still needs to finish that combat quest to kill one petite kobold. He sure sucks at this.
Hi I always ignored those combat quests. They failed hard.

Anyways, the luckiest thing that ever happened to me was coming across this game, followed closely by meeting a bunch of awesome people in game. Everything else pales in comparison.
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