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not >>A switch directions S thats ez
>> switch directions A is different arien can do it too, its like a repositioning technique, it'll seem like your ryan does a longer dash as well
AAAA is good what are u talking about its for those times where u catch them really far with dash AS, unless u just dont follow infi rules and continously dash AS to a wall or something
AAS is slow as hell

and its not impossible, city has plenty of room, i get 3 hit dual rails off all the time, the 4hit happened for me once randomly and i pretty much wtf'd, ryan can shift off walls pretty easily so its viable
btw im talking about dual shot rail gun, not amp, if ur getting confused

ryan can be as fun as u want him to be, it just depends if u do everything straightforward or not, and if u care that everyone complains about him

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