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Originally Posted by silklash
^i was talking to u, since u found nothing else to learn
Kinda impossible bc Rail hits by a long range x_x unless your rail gun has Hax range =/

Originally Posted by silklash
wut.. dash AS easily gains height u dont even have to be fast enough
and i do AAAA all the time, u dont need much height

and that dash directional key A thing i find more fun than autostep or s space or w/e...
its challenging to do consistently, kinda like wm sorta..
A,A,A,A just fails even A,A,S is more worthy =D

wait, wut do you mean the Dash Directional? you mean >>A(switch directions)S?
WM, already done it =/ you need a lot of >>A,S
Not funnnn
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