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Default /gg FTW! How to Post Guide

How to Post
Guide by Ascherit

Are you new to the forums? Got a witty comment to reply with but don't know where the quick reply is? Do you have a burning desire to share your innermost thoughts and secrets to the community but don't know how to create a thread for it? Well, look no further, this guide is here to save you!

Creating a Thread

You can't create mind-boggling posts without starting your own thread first. Sure, you can just post in someone else's thread, but where's the fun in that? It's cool to have a thread that you can call your own. (unless you're in random, in which case, your thread is as good as gone)

Every section on the forums (except for news and content feed) will ALWAYS have a 'new thread' option, as shown below.


Upon clicking on said option, you will be prompted to fill in a thread title and present yourself with an opening post. Above the text box, there are several text and paragraph modifications, which I will go over according to this diagram.

Text Formatting


Section 1: Your basic text formatting options. Most of them should be self-explanatory if you hover over the icon to see its name. Your text in the text box MUST be highlighted before any format options can be selected. Otherwise, you will have something like (<b></b>insert text here), and your formatting would have been in vain.

Section 2: More self-explanatory stuff. There are over 50 smilies to choose from on these forums -- from the spine-chilling emote to the manly emote loved by many. You can attach stuff to your thread (provided that it's forum-appropriate and virus-free) by uploading the file from your computer or from a URL. Undo and redo are for those 'what-the-heck-did-I-just-write' moments.

Section 3: The first two icons allow you to attach a URL to your text (Ex. Click Here) or remove a previously attached URL from text. The next two icons allow you to insert your email or add a picture to your thread/post. The speech bubble icon allows you to wrap a chunk of text in its very own quote box (italicized goodness included). Next 3 icons will allow you to post and isolate code, html, and php, respectively, without messing up the rest of your post. The Youtube icon allows you to embed Youtube videos simply by putting the letter-number combination after /watch?v= URL in between the Youtube code. Last two icons are spoiler and strike-through, which hides text under a spoiler tag and strikes text through with a single line, respectively. The icon on the far right of text options allows you to toggle between rich text editing (which allows you to edit your text without the use of BBCode and shows formatting results automatically) and regular BBCode editing (which shows BBCode and you would have to click preview to see the formatting changes you've made).

Section 4: You may add tags to your thread so people can find it easier through the search option. Tags must be separated with a comma. I will admit that I have no idea what trackback is since I've never used it, but I think it has something do with websites being linked back to your thread or something. Moving on, below the trackback option you may choose a 'thread icon', which is basically the little icon that will appear next to your thread title while browsing its forum section.

Below your thread creating options, you have several additional options


The checkmarks indicate what can/cannot be shown and basically gives you the option to see who's been linking back to your thread. You can also attach files from here in case you didn't want to click on the paperclip icon in your text options. You can subscribe to your thread by different types of email notifications, in case you're dying to read every new reply to your thread. Below the subscription option is the option to create a poll, in case your thread involves a survey of the community and such.

Once you're done sprucing up your best darn thread ever, click on 'submit new thread' (or preview post first in case you're paranoid about the end-result) and watch your thread come to life!

Now that you've created your own thread, it's time to learn how to post replies in the event that a charitable person donates a thought-provoking post to your thread.

Posting Replies

You have a thread now, so what? A thread is meaningless without replies! What if that one witty guy comes to your thread, prancing his witty shoes around your intricately-woven words? How will you fare against his arsenal of walltexts and smilies? Well, you have two options.

Manual Reply

Once you're in a thread, you have the option to post a reply to it by clicking on the top left corner of the thread or by clicking on 'quote' at the bottom right corner of each post, as shown below.


You will be prompted with almost the exact same screen as the 'create new thread' option, so you may refer to the above section for help with tools/options/etc. However, instead of a poll option, you get the chance to give a rating to the thread from a scale of 1 to 5.

Quick Reply

Intended for the clicking-impaired, this saves you the time and effort of clicking on 'post reply' and having to go through the big, white text box of doom and its many formatting options (unless you like the big, white box, in which case, go nuts).

You can find the quick reply already set up for you at the bottom of every thread, or you can click on the pencil icon at the bottom right corner of every post.


As you can see, the quick reply text formatting options are simpler and more basic -- you would have to click on 'advanced reply' in order to get your smilies list or your font options.

Now that you know all about posting, it's time to go out there and make some noteworthy posts/threads! (IE: not in Random)
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