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I always have DMZ host enabled for my IP whenever I actually use a router. I can't tell you if it helps in-game or not as I never really noticed that much of a difference when I first turned it on to try and thwart Lunia's lag. (Course that didn't work.)

I've yet to really be in a laggy room. One of the two PvP rooms that I have been in was a bit laggy but otherwise my parties seem to pretty lag free. Quite often I hear people sighing in relief from being in a party that has no laggers in it for once. Maybe I've just been getting lucky but I am unsure on how DFO's system works.

So now I have to ask, how does it work? The town and selections and things are obviously server based.

Are the stages/PvP player to player or player to master? Is the party leader/room leader in charge of things like monsters and such?

Using an example, Rakion was player to player. If you got a ping of 400 from someone in the game, he was jumping about and hard to hit but in the same game hitting someone with 70 was easy. The room leader however was in charge of hosting the "Cells" A.K.A monsters that players could summon and if he was lagging the cells would also jump around. Is this the case in DFO if it is player to player, or are the monsters/summons hosted by the server?
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