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Default How to add words to items - A guide with screenies by krazedp1noy

Hi, well i had a tutorial before .. but it didnt post for some reason.. so i have to start all over :O ..Btw if you don't know me, im the guy who has the over9000 sword and the legendary blade.. both topics can be found in lunia media as well (:! lets get started

~Rep if you want to, it'd be nice but i dont really care for reps

Lead: "so ya wanna put werds on items eh.. well alright i come to teaches you how to :3"

Links: TheDayStar's guide to client editing.. omg so wonderful

Tools: Recommended - Adobe Photoshop(any version will do, i'm using Cs2) , you can also use a .dds editor like or such ) -- links can be found in TheDayStars guide.

**PLEASE NOTE : For photoshop you need the .dds plugin or you can't edit, or even view the .dds files! ALSO this is for basic-intermediate client editors! if you need to learn how to client edit check out TheDayStars guide. This guide is written inferring you are using photoshop, but it isn't needed as long as you can werks your programs**

alright lets get started

Step 1 : First of all find a .dds file. For this tutorial i will be using Sieg_Weapon_C041(the grey android sword) Right-click on the .dds file and select open with Adobe Photoshop

**Please Note the magnification view is at 200% to make it easier for you to see **

Step 2 : Select the Text Tool , the icon with the "T" on it and drag a box on the screen.

Step 3 : Now right any words you would like on your item. For this tutorial i'll just write tutorial, lol.

Step 4 : Rotate and Align the text box so that it goes along with the item.

**Please Note! if the words are too long or too big then the word will show up distorted as it will wrap around or not even show on the item**

Step 5 : OPTIONAL! if you do not want to add effects to your words skip to step 6! If you do then keep reading xD. To add effects using photoshop, in the layers panel at the bottom left you will see the letter "f" in a circle, this is the effects button. For this tutorial i will use outer glow, because i love using outer glow


Step 6 : finally the last step.. well its not such a long guide xD! kk the final steps are to save it to whatever file you want to replace with a .dds ending. for instance if i wanted to make it so taht if i dont have a sword equipped i have my tutorial sword on i would rename Sieg_Weapon_C041 to Sieg_Weapon_000. After you have renamed it move it back to the folder where you got your original .dds file (: and if it asks to overwrite select yes.


**MOST IMPORTANT NOTE, make sure to back up the file that you are going to change, create a folder on your desktop called back up and copy the original, for me it would be, Sieg_Weapon_000, to the back up in case (: THIS WAY if you want to revert the image back you dont have to reinstall lunia. DON'T FORGET TO SWITCH YOUR MESH FILES! REFER BACK TO TheDayStars Guide! if needed!**

If the above sounds confusing, refer to TheDayStars guide for help (: Taylor makes it so simplified XD

P.S. This technique can also be used for putting pictures on items! BUT PLEASE for the sake of lunians, and they're wonderful GMs do not put anything inappropriate. If you are pleae keep it to yourself and don't show anyone.. unless its your closest friends and they wont spread it to anyone else . Thanks so much for reading

Also.. if you're going to put words/pictures on armors , take heed that you need a mirror image.. as the .dds for body armor, for example, only has one-half of the front body and one-half of the back body, this is because it mirror images it to create it whole.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns just pm me here, dont email me cuz i barely check my emails (: