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Post Dfo Connection Problems?, I've found a solution!

Written by my Guildy/BF Globox on our Guild Site All Credit Goes to him o3o


Until someone takes the time to find out exactly what ports Dungeon Fighter uses to connect to other players, this is a wonderful alternative.

When we started playing, there was connection problems immediately between Sorge, Anna and myself. Things were just laggy in general, and over time, the game became entirely unplayable.

Well, here's a solution! A hopefully simplistic enough guide that anyone can follow it, to an extent, to make that terrible little problem haunting some people go away.

To start, you're going to need to open a command prompt. This can be done by choosing "Run" from the start menu, or holding the windows key near the bottom left of your keyboard, and pressing R.

You should type this into the box that shows up, and press enter. This will open a command prompt window, which will give us one of the four pieces of information we need to know.

Type this into the command prompt, and press enter. This will give you information about your network IP.

This is what should pop up. Yours may or may not have much more to dig through, but the process is the same. You're looking for "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" if you're on corded internet, or "Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection" for wireless internet. If those exact words aren't there, look for something as similar as possible.

Now, the reason we came to this, is for your router's IP on the network. This is marked under "Default Gateway" for your respected connection, as mentioned above. Take note of this number, and keep this window open!

Type the number you found across from "Default Gateway" into your web browser of choice, and you'll more than likely be prompted with a window asking for your username and password. The username you're looking for is probably going to be "admin", but the password can vary. Default passwords range from password, 1234, the name of the router, or sometimes nothing. But if your family or a technician has set a different password to your router, this could be difficult. Log into the router, and we're on to the last, somewhat more confusing part.

There aren't really any pictures I can provide for this potion fo the guide, since every router is different. At this point, once you've logged in, you're going to be looking for a section in the menu, which might be on the left side, or top of your browser, related to firewalls or ports. You're looking for three letters somewhere, anywhere. Just keep your eyes open for it.


When you find this, you'll find a prompt, that likely contains part of your network IP. 192.168.1.blank

Now, this is where leaving the command prompt is handy. In the same area you got your "Default Gateway", you'll find something that says "IP Address", or something similar.It should be almost the same as your "Default Gateway", but not quite. You'll want to make the IP address in your DMZ settings to the number across from "IP Adress", and save the settings. Doing this will make your router stop blocking ports to your computer, and allow it to send and receive connections much, much easier. This does leave your computer slightly more exposed, so you may want to do a virus/spyware check beforehand.

As far as that's concerned, I suggest getting a 30 day trial of Nod32 from Eset and scanning with that for viruses, and trying out either Spybot Search and Destroy, and Malwarebytes anti-malware to make sure there's nothing it missed.

Once you've done this, you should notice there's no more lag like before! If there is still lag, then the person you're getting computers under needs to do the exact same thing. And until Nexon does something to fix this... There's really not any other choice. This problem wasn't around during Closed Beta, and shouldn't be here now, regardless of the server load. Connections are handles P2P, meaning that Nexon's server only has to handle the people in town, and logging in.

Spread the word! This guide will make the DFO experience much more enjoyable, as you can dungeon with anyone you want.

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