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Post lv50 Harlequin looking for a guild... (IAH Version)

Yeah, the title basicly says it all...

I'm just looking for an active guild with people who are always online since my last guild is dead. You'll very rarely find me in town since I'm a hardcore grinder, but don't get me wrong I love to talk as i grind. I'm not really a pvper.... I'll happily lend a hand if anyone needs it. I came from a very active guild in LaTale and I like to stay on contact with them every now and again. I usually play from 5pm-9pm on weekdays and 8am-12pm, a break then finish off at 6-9pm (GMT+8). I'm from Australia too. I have a mic too if you have ventrilo/skype.

Pm me (Fading) if you'd like to add me since i gotta leave my current dead guild before joining another =p