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V2 is quite a weird unit actually, to be honest purged mode doesnt feel overly faster than non purged mode, and since the mega beam rifle doesnt reload till you finish all 3 shots it is rather limited in terms of use.

Good thing though is that spray pod weapon 2 can hurt if it is fired from close range, so rocks will still be thinking twice before charging at a V2. The missles however arent homing and when you fire them you are locked into the one position, leaving you vulnerable.

I'm sure most people would just keep it in Buster mode throughout the match. The second skill is not an aura but there are plenty of buffs to make this unit still useful. With reload up this use can still spam like crazy.

For beginners that want to get an S rank paper I would still advice to get an F91 first, but I'll be getting V2 Buster=P