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Read the Guild Rules: yes

Character IGN: Lesieg

Character Job/Class: Warrior (spear) (warlord to be)

Character Level: 6x

Activeness: Monday~Thursday 5 hours a day, Friday 2 hours, Saturday~Sunday 8+ hours.

Main Character: Yes

If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is: Tried to start my own but it just wasn't working out, I like being the grunt a field worker that takes orders from the commander.

Real Name: Stephen

Age: 16

Nationality/Ethnic: African American

Location: Germany

Time Zone: CEST

What you do for a living: I am a junior in high school and a cook at my job.

Type of music you enjoy: RnB, Rap, Jpop/rock, Rock

Microphone: Yes

Ex guild and the reason you left: As stated above I tried to make my own, it didn't work out.

Reason You Want To Join Royalty: I have lurked in your forum for a bit .-., seems really active and just what i am looking for, good community active players, and helpful with one another.