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Lightbulb Myth Guide - Part 2 - Forest of Wind

If you're reading this guide, it probably means, that you have some experience with myth already. I assume you have basic information about myth 2 too (read step's guide if you don't)

If you read the first part of my guide, try not to skip sections in this one - the design might be similar, but the content is different.

I myself have been discovering secrets of myth for months. There are quite few unknown details that I had discovered quite late. You may or may not find some interesting things here:

[Guide] The best myth guide for Dainn. - ijji Forums

It's my old topic before M2 patch - for obvious reasons it's outdated; yet it contains some valuable info you mind find unknown to you.


Now, let's focus more on the core of this tutorial - killing Foriel.
It's impossible to learn killing Foriel from just reading black-white text. So, we'll need videos:

YouTube - LUNIA MYTH2 SOLO Krieg vs Foriel (magic square)
YouTube - Myth 2 Foriel solo

and in my opinion the best one:

YouTube - Lunia Myth 2 Foriel

Try to always watch videos in "high quality" mode at youtube website - not some small window within forum.
*Caution* I'll natively refer to the third video.


Beating Foriel focuses on three things:
1. Graphics
2. Foriel
3. You

Ad. 1 Graphics
When graphical settings are set to lowest then some attacks might be invisible - for example The Line attack. It is very important in M2 to run on at least avg specs, because most of Foriels attacks are more or less transparent. The other thing is your resolution - the higher the better. With higher resolution you cover more area so you can see Foriel from further distance. However, resolution is the most important in myth 3.


Ad. 2 Foriel
First you need to learn Foriel's attacks. Here are the timeframes (in the video) of them:
0:22+ - The Main AoE
0:32+ - The Ordeal room
1:02 - 1:03 - The Push
1:25+ - The Pesky AoE
2:05+ - The Line attack
3:16+ - The Big Ball

Let's talk about all those attacks. Most of those attacks have not only very unique animation - but also unique sound. Learn it by heart.

The Main AoE - Foriel is kinda bigger than Lunia - what I mean that you can't dash right beside him, like in Lunia case - sometimes you'll try to dash and get stuck by some invisible force that stops you. The cast time of main AoE is also shorter. Let's add a pet hanging out somewhere and dodging the AoE might become difficult. Even more frustrating fact is that it's range is also bigger - so unless the Foriel is near one of the corners then all edges of the screen are also covered in his AoE. The safe zone is different from Lunia's - it's more narrow right behind Foriel (and you might get caught accidently) but it's wider the further from Foriel. There is also a small safe zone right in front of Foriel - you might use it as last resort. There are however few good things about this AoE - not all the circles get cast at same time - so if you're far from Foriel you might have a time to do another safe dash - that last dash might safe your skin many times. The best thing about this AoE is that it's usually not a killer one - if you have invincibility skill (or Flawless I/ Light Armor (?) IV) and press it furiously fast enough you might get the chance to cancel that AoE and perform that skill (works with Dainn's bcb) - which will save you from certain death . Sometimes some yuki/ryan will freeze Foriel while you perform your invincibility skill - the skill ends - Foriel unfreezes - you die. When you play with sound off (after 100 runs you might want to turn winamp on) notice that there are those gentle light-blue waves when he's playing his harf for this attack and only for this one. That is a great sign for you to retreat ^^

The Ordeal Room- Don't use the technique from "Forest of Ordeal video" - it'll make you die in fast rock room. Instead use the one from this video. Also, notice the rock on the right at 0:44. In fast rock room that rock is bigger and you have to move more to the left than just a quarter of inch (0.5cm). Don't die in room of Ordeal - you'll make all party die. On the other hand - if someone's dies there - don't ress till that person goes out of the room. you might loose another life ! In some parties it is forbidden to kill Foriel while someone's in the room of Ordeal. What if your hp is low, you hae 0 lifes left and no ress stones? It's up to your morality to decide what to do. When you get to ordeal at 0 lifes left it is advised to come out with some invincibility pot on. Very rarely it'll happen that you'll accidently start some non-cancelable skill milisecond after getting into ordeal (or get stunned by griffon and getting up in the ordeal) - then you must handle the first wave of rocks differently. That might be very stressfull experience.

The Push- He'll use it always after line attack and Big Ball attack. It might push you right into the hands of death. Thus it makes this push more dangerous that Lunia's.

The Pesky Aoe - The main killer in later game. Once you master to dodge all other attacks this one will kill you most of the time. Huge dmg low cast time huge range. When you get buttons instead of ordeal and got no eir/high lvl krieg even the 3k str+ party might be wiped out easily. That's the most sad thing about Foriel - unless you're dacy/krieg or otherwise have tons of invincibility skills/pots you'll dieeeeee ! One more thing - Dainn's cold ressistance is currently bugged and it'll take (probably) months before it starts to work as suposed to. You are doomed.

The Line Attack- Main killer in beginning-mid game. When Foriel casts this attack while standing '-' or '|' it's easy to avoid. When he is standing like this: '\' things get harder. When he turns to "|" from "\" then it's even more confusing. There are two tips: Because of the isometric 3d view we have it is advised for ssafety to stand in the "lower" areas that you think are safe - what I mean is: if you think if you move a bit lower and it's still safe there - then move there - that might save your skin. If you are unsure whether you are safe - move away from Foriel - you'll have more time to dodge the circles when you see them coming from one of the edges of the screen. The best thing about dodging this attack is that when Foriel moves out from center of the map the diagonal (we are still talking about the most difficult case) won't touch you in corners - it's like in chess - the queen cover's full diagonal - only when standing on one. Using that to your advantage will save you enough many times that Pesky AoE will become the most deadly attack to you.

The Big Ball - It follows only certain distance - once you learn that distance - it's easy to dodge. He casts this with his right hand, but that doesn't mean the ball always goes to the right - it can go to the left too. It's a good thing to assume that he is using this attack when you don't see Foriel and any Lines. Thanks to that you might dash a bit more carefully and don't dash into death's hand.

The Pet - while avoiding the counter in stage is easy - here's a whole different story. Focusing both on Foriel and Pet is hard. Furthermore the pet might cut your way of retreat not only with main AoE but also Line attack. Almost all the parties kill pet first. The pet is very dangerous when Foriel uses his main Aoe in some corner - and there's pet there. Even more - that pet is about to use counter. Almost certain death.


Ad 3. You
With myth 2 this section is a bit longer than in myth 1 part. The main tactic is to use skills when it's safe.

Don't do this:
a) You see Foriel walking somewhere or you see him ending one of his attacks
b) You start your non dash-cancelable non skill-cancelable attack of significant cast time.
c) Foriel turns around and starts one of his attacks - almost all of them are non avoidable if you don't have full time to run (your stuck with yourself performing skill). That is the reason party attacks are rarer than in M1.

There's also a trick for Line attack. In the most difficult case people go to safe zone and stand there doing nothing. If you're sure about your position you can use NUMPAD directions - so you're sure you'll face diagonal and won't move out of safe zone.


Thank you for reading.