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I made a most horrendous and embarassing mistake involving a post on this topic. I only typed in S.U.N. when I searched for forums and it came up empty. SO idecided to make a forum. Little did I know that if I had typed out the whole thing I would have found this forum. Lesson from this: Search carefully and ask around before doing something rash.

I have played this game as each character. I must say that I prefer the skill style over that of most similar games ,but it still seems like too much repetition of an overused gaming type. I also like that PK zones are restricted to certain areas. This removes the annoying bored-high-levels-PKing-everyone issue.

I enjoyed the Dragon Knight but the Elementalist was my fav out of all the character types. As in most games with only one real healer class everyone relies on you too much to rez and heal. Whenever I wa sin a party it was "rez here" or "heal there" and it got on my nerves.

Basically each and very character type has been seen before in a different form and name. Don't get me wrong it is interesting and it is difficult to find new types of characters ,but I feel it is too much of the same.

Remember these are all my opinions. I claim none of the above comments as fact.