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Can I split this between male/female gyms?

Favorite(M): Falkner - HE'S NOT A ROCK TYPE 1ST GYM! And he looks like some kind of bird samurai.
Bird samurai = exceeding win.

Least(M): Brawly - Most uninspiring gym leader ever. Battle was easy as crap and he has a boring character design. He's a fighting gym leader, why doesn't he look awesome like Chuck or Maylene, instead he looks like a generic surfer dude with SANDALS. GOSH.

Favorite(F): Whitney - Sans the accursed Miltank, I always found her childish/immature personality exceedingly cute. And she's so jumpy LOL. /hug

Least(F): Fantina - Seriously? Not only does she seem to not fit with the ghost-type theme that they slapped on her gym(she's apparently a french stage performer or something), she looks like a horrible drag queen.
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