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A blue sky. The birds were chirping, and the flowers smelled as pleasant as they should be. The grass felt soft under her, almost like a cushion bidding her to go back to sleep once more.

Wait... a 'blue' sky?

It was the town of Orange Falcon. A vibrant, colorful town filled with throngs of people as they went about doing their business. As she sat up to gaze upon her hometown, a silver haired girl fondly looked upon it with a smile. The world was a beautiful thing indeed. Her deep blue eyes took all of it with each passing day, ingraining each fond memory into her heart.

And then, the darkness came. The silver haired girl stood up in horror as the world started to slowly blot out. The light... the light was now gone. She opened her mouth to scream, but no words came out. Instead, several growls came from behind her... getting closer by the second. She tried to run... but her legs would take her nowhere.

And then, all was black.

All she wanted to do now... was wake up.

Sylvana gasped, her eyes fluttering open, longing to end the darkness that had enveloped her world for so long.

But the world refused to change.

She was back in reality. The blind Reyvateil started to feel for her surroundings, starting with her hands as she moved them up and down the sheets she were tucked into. A bed...? A continuous beeping sound emanated from nearby, probably some sort of apparatus or machine. Beeping. Am I... in some sort of treatment facility?

Her head was spinning, as if her mind was made of jelly. But she felt compelled to get up anyway. Sylvana shifted her body to the side, dangling her legs from the edge of the bed. As her bare toes hit the ground however, she discovered another thing that felt like jelly; her legs.

"A-ah...! " Sylvana let out a weakened cry as she felt herself falling forward towards the ground. Fortunately, her arms were there to catch herself as she landed on her side, her head heavily hanging down from her body.

I... I feel so tired. The hymn... the crystal...Miss Lily. What happened to us? Ugh... Sylvana panted as she lay on the floor, her arms just barely supporting her as she tried to catch her breath.