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Ren just let his mind wonder, while he ate a chocolate bar.

"Sheesh. Well, at least I had it easy." Ren was annoyed that he had been tranquilized, he should've been paying more attention. He knew though that some others got a full force beating that day. So in contrast, being put to sleep ((Not like a dog :s)) was much better than being tasered half to death.

He fiddled with his hair before deciding to move up from his chair. "That kid is probably in care right now, and most likely Aqua hair too." Ren sighed, it seemed he didn't do such a great job protecting his partner after all.

"Jeez, it must be painful taking those needle thingies every so often." Ren winced at the thought, while he wandered the halls he was allowed to access aimlessly. He had nothing better to do than wait anyways.

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