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" W-what?! But... are we even allowed to do that? " Sylvana fidgeted, highly unsure of what Lily was suggesting. They were never ordered to actually use the Hymn Crystal. Sure it would cripple the Knights, but it would affect everyone in one way or another...

" Well, okay. I'll do it then. I have a bad feeling about this... " Sylvana let out a deep breath, preparing herself for the task. As Lily said, they were heavily outnumbered, and their Vanguards were probably down and out. Maybe this was their only chance to get out of there alive.

" Activating battle mode. Please standby, Miss Lily. " Sylvana stated, her tone of voice slowly shifting to a monotone. Pressing a button behind her ear, a visor started to cover her eyes, ending at the other side of her head. A single red light appeared in the middle, traveling alongside the visor as it started scanning the surrounding area.

" I am ready for downloading, Miss Lily. " Now speaking in a complete monotone, Sylvana turned towards Lily, her expression made more serious by the fact that her eyes were now hidden from sight.