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Default What's your clothing style?

I'm curious to see/know what everyone's fashion style is
if you have a pic, feel free to show it if you want

My personal style have been described as skater, vintage, and sleek.

I don't really classify my dressing style as skater, vintage or sleek.
All i know is i wear lots of different layers and top it off with either short shorts or skinny jeans and converses/chucks, flats or "skater shoes". I also know that I don't wear bright, bold or pastel colors; only faded-ish colors, blacks, grays and whites. Oh! and i also really like wearing zip up jackets.

for example

i am the one on the left
that's my personal style C:
of course, that's not the ONLY type of outfit i'll wear, i have others too

so now that i've said my clothing style
what's yours?