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Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc
*devours cookie*

i'm listening to akon songs right now while waiting for my dl to finish
gonna play betams with veil til latale ob

ARGH. Even if you find a Deadly Fin and I still havent gotten anything better than the PoS Ive got on now, I want it D8< Ive wasted like 3 hrs hunting various monsters for various daggers and NONE HAVE DROPPED.

I wasted 3 days at Birk last week hunting my Blood Dagger. Never found it. Henry spent 2 days at Birk killing Dual Birk for a Pinaka. HE ended up finding a Blood Dagger for me, along with his Pinaka. And now I gotta freaking waste time hunting daggers again since those errors required a wipe. The wipe itself didnt bother me too much, sure, I gotta get a lot of money to resex myself back up with NX D; BUT WTF. DAGGERS HAVE THE SHITTIEST DROP RATE EVER.

/Bugs Rice later for daggers

Currently rank 20 overall and rank 7 for thieves -_- Could be higher if I had been grinding, but ffs, my weapon sucks too much for GOOD grinding spots.