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Default Brace for impact OOC - When worlds collide Chapter 2

Recruitment open. 8 slots left

Ragnarok online:
1. Felice Lithos (Mitchi)
2. Setsuna Lethis (Gladiat)
3. Mayu Amrita (Maget)
1. Kurt Flier (Krakas)
2. Ryan Hunt (FlamesBlader)
Maple story
1. Thaeres Greenswood (Mitchi)
2. Azthra Greenswood (Mitchi)
Trickster Online
1. Micah Silva (Pedro Romero)
2. Louise Lupi (Sandrie)
3. Caden Lavonette (Mirei)
La Tale
1. Susan Dumia (Sandrie)

A princess is in danger, and the universe threatens to be torn asunder.

A long time ago there was a small planet, one filled with mirrors and reflecting pools, and countless windows that gazed to the outside worlds. This world was small, and few lived there, in few small villages where magic flowed free as water.

In the Capital city of Breylan, a castle stood, it's proud stone walls echoed it's timeless nature. There lived in this castle a family that, since time began, had been Watchers guardians that kept a close eye on all that happened within the other worlds. From here they could obsesrve the many magical lands that existed on other planes, from the demon plagued continent of Rune Midgard, to the Mysterious Caballa island, from Victoria Island and it's surrounding isles to the Kingdom of Rodesia, The royal family of the Watchers have kept peace.

However, an evil sorcerer has Stolen away the Princess Azalea, and has sealed the castle on another plane, away from the Watcher homeworld.

By their actions, the multiverse has been torn and ripped, and several heroes have fallen into this world. They will need to learn to combine their efforts in order to save this world and theirs.

Those heroes came and were successful. After freeing the young princess, the legendary warriors were sent back to their own homelands, still retaining their memories of each other and their adventures, Proof that it was not all a dream. They thought that it would be the last time they would see each other. This however, was not so.

Alundra summoned the warriors back to her homeworld, requesting their help on another mission.

The evil that sought to merge the worlds and trap Princess Azalea were merely thwarted, not defeated. Apparently, there is a crystal which is the source or their powers, but there's only one thing that can destroy it: A sacred sword made of the essences of the four worlds which gave life to the warriors of legend. They must now seek out these essences, and destroy the crystal, and the evil force behind it, once and for all.

But...just who is this mysterious force?


New Game available!
I'm adding La Tale to the list of available slots. Oh yeah.

More slots!
I'm adding two more slots to TO and one more to Lunia. More people lol?

How to Update your character:

Please use the same Character sheet Format as before, and add on your amended profile as a reply to the original profile. You are allowed 3 new skills, and one job advancement from the previous game. New players are allowed 8 starting skills and one custom.

Players are allowed 2 characters, but they must be from different games.

Returning players:

The time jump is different for each world. I think what was agreed upon was this:
Midgard: 4 years
Caballa: 2
Rodesia: 6months - 1 year? (confirm it guys)
Victoria: 4-5 years I'm thinking.

Please go confer with other from the same world setting.

Name: Big no duh, the name.
Game: What game did this character hail from? Please pick from the ones I've got up.
Class: What class are they?

Gender: Big no duh.
Age: Again, no duh.
Appearance: Give a descriptio of what they look like...what color hair and eyes, how tall, are they svelte, plump, etc. What special traits or

markings do they bear? Do they always wear a specific article of clothing? Get creative as ye please.

Backstory: Where did they come from, what was it like for them growing up? How did they come to choose the life they now have? Pour all the fluff you want here.

Skills: Now, here's the fun part. Please choose a list of skills that they have from their class...three additional skills for returning players, and 8 for new players.

Custom skills:

Here's where it gets really fun. Ever wanted to have a speific skill for a specific character/class but you can't ebcause it doesn't exist in game?

Well, make one here! One per character, has to be approved by GM of RP they exist in. I'll allow two if they aren't too over the top.
I'll be updating Felice's Character so you get an idea of what to do. And as usual, please post your character here to register them.

I'll be starting up this RP in a couple of weeks.
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