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Sylvana turned towards the new voice that had just spoken up, her clouded eyes staring right past the young Vanguard. It was just a boy, maybe just about to hit puberty, and a rather outspoken one at that. Still, Sylvana wasn't one to judge as she flashed a calm smile at Kress.

"Oh don't worry! Miss Lily and I will make sure that no harm comes to you. Just as long as you and Ange keep our enemies away from us, that is... ehehe..." Sylvana encouraged, chuckling to herself. After all, a Reyvateil without a Vanguard was like handling a sword without a shield. Sure you could hit hard, but you could get hit harder.

" Why, the both of you could probably take a Knight squad or two by yourselves! " Sylvana pushed it further. Okay, maybe she was going a bit too far there with that claim.