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" Ooo~ , I'll remember that. " Sylvana giggled, having picked up a juicy bit about their leader. She loved gossip just as much as the next person, after all.

Just then, the door swung open, followed by a series of light footsteps, only stopping at the other side of the room. The slight vibrations she felt on her feet suggested that they belonged to their leader, Lady Analea. The type of shoes a person wore were usually a telltale sign for the blind Reyvateil to be able to identify them.

" Ah, Lady Analea. Good morning! " Sylvana greeted her superior, smiling in her usual friendly manner. She seemed as stern as ever, but this rarely ever bothered Sylvana.

" Hmm, well... what kind of mission is this exactly, my lady? With only four of us, It just makes me wonder. " Sylvana queried, her face turned towards Analea's soft spoken voice.